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The Lagoon clean-up

The clean-up operation that is taking place in the Lagoon

Minister of Mobilisation, Implementation and Transformation (MIT) Andy Williams has been singled out for special praise in the drive being undertaken by a group of civic-minded Grenadians to clean-up the Lagoon and turn it into a place of beauty, commerce and entertainment that can be enjoyed by locals.

“Without Andy no progress would have been made,” said one of the driving forces behind the project in an exclusive interview with THE NEW TODAY.

He said that the MIT Minister came on board to give critical support and was able to mobilise the Grenada Solid Waste Management Authority and the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) to assist in the effort.

“He whipped Solid Waste into action. He had Solid Waste every Saturday down there cleaning,” he added.

According to the official, in the initial stage of the clean-up effort, the Police Force seemed to be rather reluctant to send an officer to provide security as some persons did not want to remove their illegal shacks and containers from the area, but Minister Williams was able to get Acting Commissioner of Police, Don MacKenzie to send in an officer to provide protection.

“Without him (Minister Williams) we would have had no police, without him we would not have had any Solid Waste. The Lagoon Road is going to get right – trust me.”

The official spoke of plans to remove all containers from the Lagoon on Saturday as working crews have already cleaned up all the areas around the containers.

He made mention of a situation in which one occupant of a container had erected a toilet in the container for her convenience and that she was flushing her raw sewage into the Lagoon.

“That is why in the back there was smelling so stink because it is raw sewage.”

According to the official, the persons behind the Lagoon cleanup have also gotten permission from the relevant authority to remove a house that was erected at the back of the container.

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He said that Minister Williams has already found a place to renovate and put the individual, who has been described as “an older person.”

He disclosed that the “Soup Master” which is around the area of the round-about and has become an eyesore will also be removed from the Lagoon.

In addition, he said that two other persons who have taken up illegal residence in the Lagoon have been served notice to move out their belongings before February 28.

He disclosed that March 4 is the date set for the trucks and backhoe to move into the area along with members of the Special Services Unit (SSU) to do the final cleanup operation in the area.

According to the official, Camper and Nicholsons which is in charge of a section of the Lagoon, owned by the Grenada Ports Authority (GPA) through a lease, has decided to instruct a businessman, who was originally given permission to place one trailer in an area of the Lagoon to prevent persons from moving in and setting up illegal shops, to remove all his items.

He said the individual took advantage of the situation and turned the place into a container park and would ask him to remove his trailers and containers from the location.

As part of the planned transformation of the Lagoon, Camper has already hired a local to plant flowers to help beautify the place.

Camper has also given the promoters of the project a particular financial budget for the work to be undertaken including assistance to help move the illegal occupants from the area and to relocate them.

“We still have some funds from the money,” he said.

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