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The Keith Mitchell/Peter David controversy

Former Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell (l) is caught enjoying a joke with Peter David when the two had a very good relationship which has now badly deteriorated

There are increasing signs that all is not well between former Grenada Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell and his ex-Agriculture Minister Peter David on the future of the now main opposition New National Party (NNP). The two have been at loggerheads since the NNP lost the June 23 general elections to the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and David expressed the view that he was prepared to replace Dr. Mitchell as leader of the party.

The 77-year old aging leader lashed out and accused David, the current Assistant General Secretary of the NNP, of trying to mash up the party. However, David has not been attending the recent series of public meetings started by a NNP team led by Dr. Mitchell.

According to one party insider, the two are not on “speaking terms” these days and David has told close aides that he was not invited by Dr. Mitchell to his 77th birthday party. He also said that David has been told by his “political handlers” to stay as far away as possible from the ex-Grenadian leader at this point in time.

During the NNP public meetings, Dr. Mitchell without calling name has been accusing David of trying to create discord within the NNP. The source told THE NEW TODAY that David is presently busy at work trying to muster sufficient delegates to win the post of Political Leader of the NNP at the next Convention.

THE NEW TODAY cannot independently confirm reports that the brother of one of the five NNP elected Parliamentarians in the Lower House of Parliament who is suspected to be loyal to Dr. Mitchell is actively working in her constituency to garner support among potential delegates at the convention to support David. There are also reports that the husband of one of the NNP MPs is throwing his support behind David and not Dr. Mitchell.

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The Town of St George MP is said to be quietly confident that the mood within the rank and file members of the NNP is not with Dr. Mitchell at this moment but leaning more in his direction in order to give the party fresh and renewed leadership.

The NNP has just released its Calendar of events until end of year and no mention has been made of the holding of a General Council session or Convention in the coming weeks to elect the party boss. There is only one event planned for the Town of St George constituency – a breakfast and yard sale on the grounds of the River Road Parliamentary office of David.

Prior to defecting from NNP to Congress after the election, Member of Parliament for St Andrew North-west Delma Thomas told her supporters that there is a problem within the NNP due to Dr. Mitchell’s opposition to moves being made by David to replace him as the new Political Leader. She said she had suggested to Dr. Mitchell that David could be a suitable replacement in light of his own announcement not to contest another general election on the island.

According to MP Thomas, the look on Dr. Mitchell’s face changed and he instructed her to go out and “curse” the Member for the town of St George as the one who was seeking to mash up the NNP. David has told close aides that he has nothing to lose at this stage in his political career by mounting a challenge to Dr. Mitchell for the top post within the party.

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