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The gangland beating of PM Dickon Mitchell security officer

The wounds on the head of the member of the Security Forces who is attached to the Prime Minister

Fresh details have emerged about the weekend incident in which a top member of the Security Unit of Prime Minister Dickon Mitchell was beaten to the point of receiving several stitches to the head by gangs linked to 4-Roads and the Carenage Ghetto.

The incident happened after a pleasure boat had returned to the Carenage waterway late Sunday night into the early hours of Monday morning.

Well-placed sources told THE NEW TODAY that the boat cruise was organised by elements associated with 4-Roads and The Carenage and that a female was used as the front to approach the operators of the vessel to hire its service for the excursion.

According to one individual with knowledge of the incident, the woman walked into the company’s office on the Carenage and was heard speaking to someone whom she told that she was trying to contact a particular Member of Parliament but was not getting him to answer his phone.

“…When she walked into the office, she actually was on the phone and called somebody and say tell (name withheld) get off his phone, ah trying to talk to him and ah can’t reach him,” he said.

THE NEW TODAY was told that when the boat returned, the member of the PM’s Security Detail was sitting in a vehicle when he noticed that a few civilians who apparently were on the boat ride were trying to block the roadway and behaving in an unruly manner.

The police officer reportedly confronted one of the civilians while sitting in the vehicle and received a punch in the face.

According to a police insider, the officer came out of the vehicle in an effort “to engage the person” who struck him and was soon attacked by persons known to be associated with illegal activities like drug and gun running on the Carenage and 4-Roads.

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“He (police officer) ended up pulling his firearm, he shot one of them and then they started wrestling with him, throwing him on the ground and one of them took the firearm from him and went with it,” he said.

The gun that was taken away from the officer is a 9mm weapon which carries 15 rounds of ammunition.

A leading businessman in the city felt that the police should have taken drastic action against those who were involved in gang beating the member of PM Dickon Mitchell’s security detail.

“He (the policeman) should have killed a few of them – that’s how I feel about it. That is madness – what’s wrong with these people,” he quipped.

“The SSU should have gone in there and kicked down the whole of 4-Roads and beat people until they got what they had to get (the gun). That’s what should happen – I am very sorry,” he said

The businessman went on to say that the Security Forces should have smashed up 4-Roads and the Carenage Getto in “looking for this weapon and whoever was involved.”

“Call police brutality if you want (but) we are not having police weapons in unlawful hands. Ah mean you beat a cop and you take his gun. Are these people crazy?”

THE NEW TODAY was able to obtain the name of the person on the Carenage who took away the gun from the police officer.

Several persons are expected to face multiple charges for the assault on the Police officer.

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