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The Franklin St. Paul murder trial

Murder-accused Michael Mc Queen – continue to maintain his innocence

Michael Mc Queen was a 45-year-old Security Guard when he was implicated in connection with the death of 83-year-old Franklin St. Paul, the brother of former High Court Judge, Justice Lyle St. Paul just over five (5) years ago.

His arrest followed an alleged incident that occurred on October 22, 2017 at the home of the deceased at Belmont in St. George, which resulted in him receiving several bruises about his face, and body.

St. Paul died at the St. George’s General Hospital, where he was hospitalised for approximately one-month.

The Franklin St. Paul murder trial finally started this week with the Jury empanelment on Tuesday.

There was however, a slight delay to start taking evidence when the matter resumed on Wednesday, due to the unavoidable absence of State Prosecutor, Crown Counsel Crisan Greenidge, from the Office of the Director of Public Prosecution.

The State has compiled a list of eight (8) witnesses to give evidence to the court in a bid to prove the Non-Capital murder case against Mc Queen.

The trial was expected to resume on Thursday.

Michael Mc Queen, who is currently on bail, continues to publicly deny having anything to do with the death of St. Paul.

He is being represented by Attorney Jerry Edwin, who has disclosed plans to call two (2) witnesses to support the case for the defense.

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