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The fight against the underworld

These two are suspected to be major players in the Underworld of Crime on the island

He is playing with fire, politically.

This is the view of a prominent ex-senior public servant to the total silence from officials involved in National Security especially the Prime Minister and Minister of National Security Dickon Mitchell on the recent gun-related killings on the island of leading Underworld figures.

Another Grenadian who expressed concern about the situation expressed the view that the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) should do everything to arrest the upsurge in gun violence in the country.

“If we do not curb this gun thing Grenada gone, gone. People afraid to come into town. Yesterday (Wednesday) St. George was the slowest I have ever seen it. People not coming into the Capitol to do business often. When they come they are not lingering,” she said.

According to the woman, people are moving quickly out of the city after completing their task.

She also said the tense situation in the country is not good for business with some business operators complaining that they are not making money these days.

“One lady told me she is sleeping fuss things slow. I witness the slowness myself. They need to clean up the guns from our streets fast,” she added.

Another Grenadian working in the public sector echoed the sentiments of the woman.

He said: “The observation regarding things slow is obvious and a reality. Most events for the past weeks since this thing (the two executions of Underworld Figures) started have ended in failures and big loss to organisers. The public is mindful that bullets do not discriminate.”

The public officer advocated the need for a significant and influential person like the Prime Minister or Commissioner of Police to address the situation in order to rekindle hope among citizens that efforts are being made to arrest the situation.

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What is most needed now is a level of public assurance that something is being done to mitigate against the upsurge in the gun incident to reassure the public of their safety. In this light, there should be a responsible face making a statement.

“Too much uncertainty consuming the liberty and freedom of the public currently and the public need to hear something. I don’t think most of us understand the dynamics of growth and development of a society.”

“Instability has always been a catalyst for economic decline. The powers-that-be must know the effect communication has always been, especially the catalyst to promote economic growth and development in any society. I hope somebody is thinking of that,” he told THE NEW TODAY.

A member of the Congress government does not believe that a statement should be made at this time to the public and only when the Security Forces are able to bring the situation totally under control.

“…Until you have a clear handle… it doesn’t make sense to make a statement,” he remarked.

On Wednesday night, about seven shots ringed out from the Ghetto on the Carenage, the home base of Von “Wangy” Cyrus who was executed May 12 allegedly by persons linked to a rival outfit in the south of the island.

All three underworld figures were recently shot in the head by the killers.

With the Saigon killing solved by CID detectives, the lawmen believe that they have now obtained “useful information” and are very close to solving the Snug Corner shooting to death of another gangster, Shane Brown.

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