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The execution of “Wangy”

Von “Wangy” Cyrus – met his death like his father 15 years ago with a bullet to the head

The execution early Sunday morning of one of the leading figures in the Carenage Ghetto that is associated with drugs and other illegal activities on the island looked like a scene from the Mafia style movie called The Godfather.

Von “Wangy” Cyrus met a cruel death in the notorious Saigon area around the Sugar Mill round-about when four armed masked men launched an attack on him in the quiet of the early morning as he stood outside his vehicle.

An eyewitness who saw the event as it unfolded told THE NEW TODAY that the much feared Carenage man was hit by the masked men who pulled up in a vehicle a few minutes after “Wangy” and the man referred to as the Carenage Don pulled up after having a few drinks in a popular nightclub in the Lance Aux Epines area.

Underworld sources have said that the movement of the Carenage men were being closely monitored on the night including the leaving of the night spot to Saigon.

The armed and masked assassins reportedly got into a vehicle in the vicinity of a newly opened supermarket in the south and travelled to the nightclub where “Wangy” and The Carenage Don were having a few drinks.

They were closely followed on leaving the nightclub for Saigon.

On arrival there, “Wangy” was sitting in the vehicle as his colleague left to visit a bar in the upstairs of the building to buy a few drinks for them.

“Wangy” came out of the car when one of the women called out to him,” said the eyewitness who told THE NEW TODAY that the first shot fired by the assassins hit him on the side of his mouth by his chin and burst out in his head.

“He fell to the ground on receiving the shot. He fall down on the side of the car and then the (masked) men go over his head and hit him. He also got one on his shoulder. “Wangy” didn’t get a chance to fire back.”

According to the eyewitness, someone had also cut the 4 tyres of the vehicle that “Wangy” and the Carenage Don had pulled up with in Saigon.

He said the leader of the Carenage Clan was just about to leave the upstairs of a building where he had bought some drinks and was making his way back to the vehicle when he heard the first shot that went off.

“When he see “Wangy” falling down, he pulled out his gun and started firing. He was firing more at the car because the masked men and them were trying to move out,” he added.

The underworld figure indicated that the assassins were forced to abandon the vehicle because a bullet fired from the gun of the Carenage Don hit the engine of the get-away vehicle and the car stalled.

Within seconds, the assassins ran up towards the area of Mont Toute to make good their escape.

The Carenage Crew are claiming that a youngster believed to be around 17 years and allegedly associated with the gunmen was hit by the bullets fired by their leader as he sat inside the getaway vehicle.

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Speculation is rife in Underworld circles that the execution of “Wangy” will trigger a possible bloodbath on the island as the Carenage Don is distraught over the killing of his man.

A source connected with one of the gangs said that the Carenage Don has lost face and will have to redeem his prestige by engaging in some form of retaliation.

“They know exactly who it is do it (kill “Wangy”),” he remarked.

According to the insider, three names including one that is associated with “The Stones” in Grand Anse are being called for taking part in the deadly attack and will have to be punished based on existing rules in the Underworld.”

THE NEW TODAY was told that the incident was sparked by a feud between a major figure from the Carenage and one from the rival South Gang a few days earlier.

An insider said that the Carenage man who is known to be close to a current Member of Parliament in Grenada had to run for his life after the man from the South pulled a gun on him.

Within days of this incident, a boat belonging to the man from the south was set on fire and fingers were immediately pointed at the rival Carenage outfit.

There are reports that two days after the boat burning incident, “Wangy”, the Carenage Don and three other men took a boat and anchored it just off the Vendor’s Market in Grand Anse and were drinking and having a good time as if to send a message to their rivals in the South about their power.

This behaviour, he said of the Carenage outfit “created hatred, created vexation and anger” among some of the elements in the south and drove them to seek to wipe out the Carenage Don and his men.

In addition, he said there was always tension since the late 1990’s when the Carenage Don was stabbed and nearly lost his life in a clash between two warring youth groups known as “The Bloods” from the South and “The Ginger Crew”.

“You are not supposed to be in the south – what you going down in the South to prove?

This is the question posed by another player in the Underworld to the current feuding between the Carenage men and those from the South.

He also labelled the clash between the two forces in the Underworld as “related to drugs, personality differences and it is a long time dislike of one another and then it keep just igniting and igniting.”

The insider pointed out that the last incident that ignited the fire that led to the killing of “Wangy” was the incident with the Carenage man linked to the ex-government minister on Grand Anse beach and the burning of the boat.

Grenada Police are still investigating the early Sunday morning killing and have not made any significant breakthrough in finding the executioners.

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