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The dead under curfew

The COVID-19 curfew enforced by the Keith Mitchell-led government has forced a number of dead bodies to remain longer on earth.

Authoritative sources told THE NEW TODAY newspaper that two of the main funeral homes on the island have close to 30 bodies on hand but cannot hold funerals due to directives from the body overseeing the State of Emergency curfew.

A source who spoke on condition that he was not named said that talks are currently taking place between the Funeral Homes and the Police High Command to find a way to address the problem.

He said that the two funeral homes with the most bodies waiting to get clearance for burial are La Qua Funeral Agency with about 18 bodies and Otway-Bailey accounting for an estimated eight.

He indicated that some of the funeral agencies were planning to hold funerals this week but did not get any clearance from the Royal Grenada Police as Grenada is into a 24-hour lockdown.

Speculation is rife that government might dedicate a day next week for the holding of funerals for the near 30 bodies to be buried on the island.

According to the source, the Funeral Homes have also adopted protocols to handle anybody who die in Grenada from the deadly coronavirus.

The plan, he said is to take the body to the La Qua Crematorium for “immediate disposal” in order to “kill” the virus.

Under new guidelines for holding funerals, only ten persons will be allowed to take part in the entire proceedings including a Minister of Religion.

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