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The cry of a female police officer

From left to right are the top members of the Police High Command, Commissioner of Police Edvin Martin, Deputy Commissioner of Police Tafawa Pierre, Assistant Commissioner of Police John Charles, Deputy Commissioner of Police Michael Francois and ACP John Mitchell

I have been a victim and still is a victim of sexual assault in the RGPF and I’m afraid to complain because I have been transferred once when I spoke openly about a senior officer harassing me because I won’t consent to any sexual activities.

A female police officer has reached out to THE NEW TODAY to give an expose on serious acts of sexual harassment and abuse within the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) by some of the most senior members including at least one sitting in the High Command.

She also identified by position several persons holding the rank of Superintendent of Police and Assistant Superintendent of Police who are preying on vulnerable female officers in the island’s premier law enforcement body.

There are also reports about a breakdown of law and order in RGPF as several junior female officers are bluntly refusing to give the customary salute to some male senior police officers as they have lost respect for them because of the repeated sexual advances made to them over the years.

A few years ago, a female police officer who left RGPF and migrated to the United States identified three senior officers including a Superintendent of Police who raped her at a police house in St John.

One of the three is now sitting as a member of the High Command.

The female officer who left the force had also sent a letter about her ordeal to then Commissioner of Police Winston James who directed a Superintendent of Police to investigate the matter.

The probe was aborted as none of the named senior police officers co-operated with the Superintendent about their sexual conduct as members of RGPF.

As a public service, THE NEW TODAY reproduces an edited version of the letter from the female police officer about rampant sexual abuse in the Police Force.

A section of the letter had to be deleted for legal reasons as the female officer specifically identified those senior officers abusing their positions and engaging in sexual misconduct.

Have you ever wondered what it’s like joining the RGPF without actually joining the RGPF? Well wonder no more. Here’s a synopsis.

I have been a member of the RGPF for the past seventeen (17) years and I must say that it is getting worse as the years go by.

Never in my entire life have I seen an organisation where the senior males prey on the younger females like birds prey on fish. Never have I seen biasness, inequality or a Traffic Warden having more privilege over an officer because they’re having a sexual relationship with a senior officer.

I have been a victim and still is a victim of sexual assault in the RGPF and I’m afraid to complain because I have been transferred once when I spoke openly about a senior officer harassing me because I won’t consent to any sexual activities.

The RGPF is one-sided and fail to realise that their very own males on the top hierarchy are the ones doing the damage. The ones who have their wedding bands on their fingers and walk in style with their wives but can’t let you live in peace.

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Senior officers like the one recently placed to assist the staff officer on Fort George, the one who has been in (name of government agency withheld), the one in charge of name of station on west coast withheld), the one in charge of a (police station in St George) who’s on holiday, the 1st and 2nd in charge of a police station (in St Andrew) and the most recent (name of High Command member), etc will face their penalties on judgement day.

It breaks my heart to not only see these figures sexually assault young females in the RGPF but to see them living happy when they retire while you’re still at work with bad memories. Not everyone is brave to speak up and that’s why I chose to do this anonymously.

I have proof that most of these senior men have relationships with the Traffic Wardens which make the Wardens believe they’re more than police and don’t adhere to anything police say. They even threaten to report you to the seniors if you speak to them too hard or give them duties they don’t like.

I can recall a certain Traffic Warden showing off nude pictures she sent to the recent (name of office holder withheld) and he seemed to be having a ball of a time based on his responses.

I also recall an officer telling me that the senior officer who’s assisting the (name withheld) on Fort George transferred her with immediate effect after his Warden girlfriend reported that she made her work too late, the time scheduled for her to finish work.

“She was supposed to finish work 7 & she wanted to leave 6 so I told her she can’t unless I relay it to the immediate Supervisor. She then dialed a specific senior officer who was in charge of the Grenville police station at the time who I had previous complaints about & the next day he called & said I was transferred”.

“ It burdens my heart to see officers who are good in their specific field ill-treated because they won’t consent to sex and others will, “said the young officer.

Too many times you hear Wardens say how much they wanna charge a police or make a police go. Why? Because their senior sexual partners are giving them authority over the police.

I wish to see less sexual relationships in the RGPF. I wish to see senior officers respect themselves and their juniors. I wish to look good and not get harassed by these old khaki suit men. I wish for respect and professional relationships throughout the RGPF.

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