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The big vaccine lie from Silversands

Duncan Stephenson – the Engineer who sent the “no jab, no job” message to employees at the resort on Grand Anse beach

The Silversands luxury resort on the Grand Anse beach is not speaking the truth on the issue of compulsory vaccination for staffers to be guaranteed employment there.

Last week, a member of the Human Resource Department denied claims made by workers that they were told that vaccination is a must to work at the resort.

However, THE NEW TODAY has obtained the copy of a text message sent by the Director of Engineer at Silversands, Duncan Stephenson informing those staffers under his control that they have to take the vaccine by a deadline date in order to remain on the job.

The message reads: “For all those in today’s team meeting – please be advised. It is now compulsory to get vaccinated. Deadline is 31st of March. To keep this message short and I apologize in advance for being blunt, No jab, No job. Please call or come see me with any questions or concerns.”

Another message sent out by Stephenson told employees, “Once vaccinated you need to inform me and give me your vaccination card.”

THE NEW TODAY also obtained a chart with the names of hotel employees in the Engineering Department on the Vaccination issue.

An employee at the resort who did not want to be identified said that those persons running the hotel are lying and definitely not speaking the truth on the Vaccination issue.

The staffer said that Stephenson also told them that the resort is literally “trying to force the vaccination on staff” in order to attract guests to Silversands.

“What he (Stephenson) said is the reason they are doing that is because if all staff are vaccinated when guests come and (if) the guests are vaccinated, they don’t have to quarantine because a lot of guests are turning away because of the seven day quarantine,” he said.

The employee also quoted a female Supervisor at Silversands as telling staffers that she does not have any choice in the vaccination matter because “the hotel decision is you don’t take the jab then you don’t have a job come April 1”.

According to the employee, he is wondering whether the decision taken by those running Silversands is legal to force an employee to take the Covid-19 vaccination as a condition for employment.

“I to myself (am) wondering if that is legal – forcing the vaccination on someone as that is against someone’s human rights,” he remarked.

The employee said that as far as he is aware there has been no announcement made by the Grenada government of Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell that the Covid-19 vaccination is mandatory for the people on the island.

However, Health Minister Nickolas Steele has publicly dropped hints that vaccination for the deadly coronavirus might become necessary for frontline workers including those in the hospitality industry.

Grenada has been using the India-manufactured Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine in the fight against Covid-19.

Silversands, owned by Egyptian billionaire investor, Naguib Sawiris, has been shrouded in controversy since its start of construction on the island about five years ago.

Stephenson did not return calls made to his cellphone by THE NEW TODAY and when attempts were made via WhatsApp to contact him on the issue, he read the messages but did not respond.

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