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The Battle for the Matrimonial Home

This is the Marriage Certificate that was issued after the wedding nearly 50 years ago of Keith and Marietta Mitchell

A sticking point in the pending legal battle between the wife of former Grenada Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell to divorce him to bring an end to nearly 50 years of marriage is ownership to their Matrimonial Home at a place called Shenda in Happy Hill.

In documents filed in court, the 76-year old Member of Parliament for St George North-west has vowed to take the fight to his estranged wife Marietta in order to get the property that was built around 1989 allegedly on family land in the tiny community.

The two sides have apparently reached an out of court settlement on the multi-million dollar apartment building in Brooklyn, New York, and several other assets both in Grenada and in the United States.

THE NEW TODAY was able to obtain a letter from the law firm of G.E.D. Clyne to female attorney Kim George, lawyer for Dr. Mitchell informing him about the status of the Happy Hill house which is currently occupied by the wife.

Messrs. Kim George & Associates
H.A.Blaize Street

Dear Sirs,  


Re: Divorce Suit
       Marietta Mitchell
      Dr. Keith Mitchell

We continue to act for and on behalf of Mrs. Marietta Mitchell of Happy Hill in parish of Saint George and State of Grenada.

Our client instructs that a letter dated the 27th day of July, 2022, was served on her, effectively demanding that she vacate the Happy Hill property being the former matrimonial home 30 days from the date of the letter, a copy of same is enclosed for ease of reference.

Your client then sent labourers without permission to conduct construction at the said Happy Hill property. In our view it is inconceivable that your client has allowed labourers access to the interior of the former matrimonial home and our client personal valuable belongings may be easily removed and/or stolen.

Our client further instructs the locks on the doors to upper floor were recently changed attempting to unlawfully evict her from the said former matrimonial home.

Please be advised that the actions of your client are beyond unreasonable and offensive, especially when there was an agreement between the parties specifying the period of occupation of our client at the former matrimonial home.

It appears your client has changed his mind as per the arrangement and has unilaterally decided to unlawfully evict our client. We are of the view that if he wishes to alter the present arrangements, your client through your office ought to communicate the same to us.

We now have full instructions to file Court proceedings in the matter, inclusive of an emergency injunction to keep the status quo of our client’s occupation at the former matrimonial home. We are further instructed to request your client’s proposal, if any, before we file which may alleviate both our clients’ marital affairs in the public’s purview.

We await your urgent response.


Law Office of George E.D. Clyne
Deloni Edwards

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