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The alleged sexual assault case

Acting Commissioner Don McKenzie – claimed that he had no knowledge of the report

Two senior members of the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) have commented to THE NEW TODAY on claims made by Acting Commissioner of Police Don McKenzie that he was not aware of a report that was filed about an alleged sexual assault at South St George Police Station involving a major figure linked to the opposition New National Party (NNP).

McKenzie who is now running the Police Force in the absence of Commissioner Edvin Martin who is on sick leave said he only became aware of the incident following inquiries by this media house.

According to one Police Commander, this is strange as all crimes of a serious nature have to be reported through a line of Command which ends at the doorstep of the Commissioner of Police.

He said if a report has been made in the station it is then entered into the Diary and that information must be shared and included in the Crime Report.

“…Since somebody comes to the station and makes a complaint, it must be in the diary and must be shared. I cannot see an incident like that (alleged sexual assault) – that is (a serious crime) and it doesn’t reach the Deputy Commissioner and it doesn’t reach the Commissioner – it cannot be.”

“That cannot be unless he (McKenzie) doesn’t get the Crime Brief every morning. Every morning he has to get the crime brief. Every living morning he’s supposed to get this Crime Brief.”

The senior cop stated that all serious crimes in Grenada have to be reported to the High Command member at police headquarters on Fort George in charge of crime who is then responsible for briefing the Police Commissioner who is then obligated by law to inform the Prime Minister about it.

“So you don’t coming and tell me that a rape occurred in the tourist belt… and you as Commissioner don’t know….,” he said.

“They don’t have to wait until morning to tell you (McKenzie) – rape and murder and robbery (take place) – the time the report is made, they pass it to you,” he added.

Another top police officer told THE NEW TODAY that based on his own inquiries into the incident involving the major NNP figure, he is getting the impression that the senior commanders on the fort were not made aware of the incident.

He said he is not sure whether an attempt was being made at the South St George police station to suppress the report about the incident in light of who was involved.

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“It may appear from my standpoint that some suppression was taking place at some level with the information,” he remarked.

According to the senior police officer, he finds it strange that Supt Vannie Curwen who is the officer in RGPF in charge of Crime along with Acting Commissioner McKenzie will not have been provided with the information since it involves a significant figure in the political landscape of Grenada.

“It seems like even he (McKenzie) wasn’t aware of it. I believe that he is genuine about that one. So, is it that somebody takes the information and keeps it for themselves but he (McKenzie) is supposed to be aware of all crimes. He must be informed on a daily basis about what happened.”

The senior police officer indicated that the report made at South St George police station should have been relayed to the person in charge of Central Division, based at Central Police Station on the Carenage, who then has to report it to the Officer in charge of Crime in the High Command who then had to brief the Commissioner of Police on the matter.

“The question to be asked is – who received the information, who has the information and what did they do with it – all those are relevant questions to be asked,” he said.

Speculation is rife that several of the police officers holding key positions in RGPF are strong supporters of NNP which lost the June 23, 2022 general election to Congress which is led by 45-year old barrister-at-law Dickon Mitchell.

Informed sources have said that the police are no longer in a position to press charges against the NNP operative as the complainant has withdrawn the complaint filed with the police station.

The victim has been identified as the daughter of someone with a media background with ties to the NNP.

THE NEW TODAY understands that the hotel where the alleged incident occurred has imposed a ban on the NNP figure from staying on the property as a guest.

The individual at the centre of the incident reportedly flew out of the island earlier in the week back to the United States where he is residing.

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