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TGM not targeting NDC supporters

Dr. Patrick Antoine – the acknowledged leader of the movement

The newly formed The Grenada Movement (TGM) is denying claims in some quarters that it is targeting supporters of the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) to join its ranks.

An official close to the party told THE NEW TODAY that the TGM personnel who go out in the field to do political work on “The Ground” are growing very weary of this misconception that it was pursuing Congress supporters.

He said the movement which is now a political party following its formation a few months ago as a Non-governmental Organisation (NGO) has been battling with this allegation that is coming mainly from NDC officials.

“That’s not true – when we go (out) we speak to everybody – NDC, NNP, the undecided – those that never vote before. We highlight the issues and say what will be done to change the issue,” he added.

“That’s a misconception to cause more division. We need to look pass these little petty things and them – put country first and we will be on the right track,” he said.

According to the official, the TGM people engaged in field work do not push any anti-NDC or NNP agenda but one for the development of the entire country and not about trying to steal anyone’s supporters.

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The movement is led by the Trinidad-based former Grenada Ambassador, Dr. Patrick Antoine and is currently actively campaigning in the four parishes of St. Andrew.

One of its representatives in the St. Andrew South-east seat has been described as a former New York-based Grenadian with the ruling party but became disenchanted and is now trying to unseat the Keith Mitchell-led government.

The party’s representative in St. Andrew North-west is former Opposition Senator, Terry Noel and in St. Andrew South-west is a female youth activist.

Speculation is rife that Dr. Antoine has an eye on the South St George constituency or St. George North-east.

Political pundits believe that TGM and NDC will have to engage in dialogue along with Opposition Leader, Tobias Clement to form a United Front to combat Dr. Mitchell and his NNP in the upcoming general election.

The ruling party has not lost a seat in electoral politics in Grenada in the last two general elections held in 2013 and 2018.

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