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TGM – NGO or Pressure Group?

Dr. Patrick Antoine – getting involved in something on the local scene

Former Grenada Ambassador, Dr. Patrick Antoine is behind the formation of a new organisation in the country.

A well-placed source told THE NEW TODAY that the group plans to register as a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) under the name The Grenada Movement (TGM).

According to the source, he suspects that the movement could be the forerunner for the launch of a new political party in Grenada.

He said that some of the persons who have been attending zoom meetings of the group can be categorised as mainly ex-supporters of the island’s two major political parties – the ruling New National Party (NNP) and the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC).

A source close to the group said that the person charged with the responsibility of coordinating the TGM meeting is Andrea Elizabeth Rapier who is believed to be a Grenadian who has spent many years in the Diaspora.

He identified some of the participants in the meetings as former Congress government minister Michael Church, former NDC executive member Jenny Rapier, Veronica Adams, and Josephine Wilson.

One of the persons who was invited to TGM sessions told this newspaper that he is not a member but accepted the invitation to hear for himself the intentions of the group.

“I think that they want to form a political party but going around it in a very long way,” he remarked.

The source pointed out that the Patrick Antoine-led group is in the process of putting together a Mission Statement, Code of Conduct and Constitution to govern the affairs of TGM.

THE NEW TODAY was able to obtain a copy of TGM’s Principles:


(1) Freedom of expression

(2). Democracy as the cornerstone (in all its dispensations or dimensions)

(3). Respect for the Constitution as the supreme law of the land

(4). Committed to freedom of religion

(5). Transparency, accountability

(6). Equality and Justice for all

(7). Promote mutual trust and tolerance REVISIT

(8). Patriotism, the cornerstone of Grenada’s self-determination and national Identity REVISIT

(9). Committed to sustainable development in all its dimensions and stewardship of the environmental assets

(10). Committed to people’s development and empowerment

(11). Rebuilding and further development and strengthening of the social capital of Grenada

(12). Environmental protection and conservation

(13). Committed to people participation


(1). Committed to free, frank and fair discourse

(2). Confidentiality as the foundation for building and maintaining trust, and for ensuring open and honest communication

(3). Honesty, Integrity (values)