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Tension over Boca murder

Kimon Charles – gunned down to death

Police believe that they have the gunman who allegedly killed Kimon Charles of Boca, St. George’s in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

Well-placed sources told THE NEW TODAY that the suspect is among a group of persons arrested Wednesday for questioning for the alleged murder of Charles whose body was discovered lying on the ground in blood close to the New Testament Church and “Start and Bumb’ Bar.

The Boca killing came on a day when the island is under a full 24-hour curfew imposed by government in the battle against the deadly coronavirus which has already affected ten persons on the island.

The Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) has come out quickly to deny that it was behind the killing of Charles who reportedly was hit by five bullets.

Persons took to Social Media to lay blame at the feet of the police who are supposed to be the only ones outside, as Grenadians should have been locked up in their homes.

According to police spokesman, Superintendent of Police, Vannie Curwen, an investigation is currently underway into the murder but he can confirm that the police did not shoot Charles.

He told reporters at a press briefing:” I want to say to the Grenadian public that there is no police involvement in the shooting. We are currently investigating a murder with the use of a gun. We have started our investigation vigorously. We do have a number of persons in custody who are assisting us in the investigation and that is all I want to say on this particular matter”.

Shortly after the discovery of the body, a video went viral on Social Media last night with a hooded man issuing a threat to the life of Prime Minister and Minister of National Security, Dr. Keith Mitchell and members of the police force warning about reprisals for the Boca shooting.

The voice was heard saying “What ah saying, the Government ah Grenada y’all do something dey last night and is not a good scene, yuh understand. (Am) calling out to Keith Mitchell and he bullerman police friends and them right — you see that murder all you do last night dey and making it look like people doh know what going on be straight forward is all you kill the man last night.

“Wah ah sayin is real retaliation and if all you ain’t really give we justice on that murder last night plenty police go feel pain too the same way. All yuh just can’t kill a man who get put out of he house and who looking for a place to rest he head and all yuh kill him. Nah that ain’t make no sense. So hear wha ah saying right, the (Prime) Minister, Mr. Keith Mitchell, you done know you living by the seaside you on the front yuh know anything could happen to you, so if you know wah going on make sure and deal with that scene cause if you ain’t deal with that scene a lot of police go dead too.

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“Things ain’t really good and you see that movements last night with your police boys and them make sure we get sacrifice, yuh understand, make sure, make sure. If we ain’t get justice we coming and sacrifice some of dem police – serious serious. So Keith Mitchell know what yuh doing, so make sure and know what you doing – if we ain’t get justice real police go feel the pain and all too.

“So make sure, make sure and give we justice for that death in Boca last night. If you ain’t give we that justice real police go dead too. So Keith Mitchell know what you doing- remember you living on the frontline seaside. Yuh understand. So know what all yuh doing”.

The police have reportedly picked up intelligence that the video was sent out from neighbouring Trinidad & Tobago.

THE NEW TODAY has credible information that the police were called into Boca around 11.00 p.m Tuesday night after receiving reports that a group of young men were disturbing the peace in the village.

The police dispatched a team of officers but on arrival did not see anyone as the suspects had apparently vanished.

“The police were on patrol all after 2.00 (in the morning) and still did not find them and fired shots to disperse a gamble higher up”, said a well-placed source who spoke on condition that he was not identified.

The suspected gunman who cannot be named at this stage but will most likely be charged for the killing of Charles is from Boca itself.

The victim is known in the village as a “troublemaker” and a few years ago was among three persons charged with Non-capital murder in the stabbing death of 31-year old Darbeau resident, Leslie ‘Dutty Cup’ Isaac.

He was identified as the person who held down “Dirty Cup” as he was attacked and knifed to death during an argument over gambling at the St. George’s Market Square.

A police spokesman told this newspaper that the lawmen received reports of the discovery of the body just after 6.00 a.m Wednesday morning.

One irate local offered the following comment on the alleged murder in Boca, “We (are) on curfew but we killing. What stupidness is this? Shame on we”.

Charles is the son of popular taxi-driver, Raymond Telesford better known as “First Water”.

The individual who sent out the video with threats to the Prime Minister and the police issued another one Thursday apologising for his action and seeking forgiveness.

Police have arrested three persons for questioning in connection with the video threat.

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