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Teddy St Louis is quitting as Chief Magistrate

Teddy St Louis – is demitting the office of Chief Magistrate month-end

Grenada will have to look for a new Chief Magistrate.

A high-level legal official told THE NEW TODAY that the current holder of the post Teddy St Louis has tendered his resignation in order to return to private practice.

He said that he spoke to St Louis who indicated that he had sent in his resignation letter several weeks ago but was asked to hold on for the next two months in order to give the Judicial & Legal Services Commission (JDLC) time to find a replacement.

“I sent my resignation in February. The only reason why I am still there is because they have not yet been able to find my replacement. I am on my way out. This month is absolutely my last month,” the Chief Magistrate is quoted as saying.

According to the legal source, another approach was made to St Louis to stay on for an extra two months but he turned down the request.

St Louis also told an aide that he plans to spend some time farming as the family is known to own several acres of agricultural land in the rural St Andrew area.

He became Acting Chief Magistrate in 2019 following the appointment of the holder of the post Tamara Gill to serve as a Master on the Eastern Caribbean Court Circuit.

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About four years ago, St Louis attracted international attention when he imposed a fine on Michael Alexander, who had been charged with indecent assault of a minor and pleaded guilty but did not serve jail time.

Defense attorney Derick Sylvester came to the defense of St Louis when he said that the Chief Magistrate did not act improperly in rendering the judgment, given the evidence put before him and penalty that the offence attracted by law.

The fine of $3500.00 and a one year bond was viewed by the public-at-large, as a “slap on the wrist”, given the nature of the crime.

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