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TAWU refutes claims of workers dissatisfaction

TAWU General Secretary Bert Patterson

The Grenada Technical and Allied Workers Union (GTAWU) has rejected claims that its members at the Grenada Ports Authority (GPA) are dissatisfied with its representation on a number of outstanding matters including transportation and meal allowances.

TAWU’s General Secretary, Bert Patterson, who is the lead negotiator for the workers at the authority said the Union is “not aware” of there being unrest among the workers when contacted by THE NEW TODAY on complaints received from some workers.

In a sharp rebuke, the senior union official charged that anyone expressing such claims are being “mischievous” and invited the newspaper to speak with GPA workers on the issue.

“I am sorry but you would have to raise that issue with the workers because negotiations are in train and have not yet completed…none of the workers have complained to the Union in any way or form…no one has informed us, be it the Shop Steward or any individual worker that we have a problem with how the union is dealing with this matter or that matter.

“…In fact, the workers have just received their retroactive pay going back to 2014 or thereabout…if someone has complained to you that there is an issue and persons are not satisfied with how the union is dealing with the matter then before they come to you obviously, they should come to the Union first and say well, we are not satisfied.

“…If they have not come to the Union to display their dissatisfaction and for you as the press to call me and tell me that my members are not satisfied and I am not aware of it, to be honest with you, this seems to be mischievous”.

The TAWU General Secretary affirmed that “there has been no deadlock or breakdown, no rough situations relating to negotiations with the Ports Authority.

He said the union was able to reach a settlement with GPA on negotiations for salary and wage increases in August 2019 after workers downed tools and picketed outside the Authority’s main office at Burns Point.

According to Patterson, “negotiations (with the Ports Authority) are in its normal procedure” and pointed out that “between then (August 2019) and now, both the company and the Union have not met not due to anyone’s fault or anything like that.”

He did not elaborate on the reason why negotiations have not been held with the Port Authority since then.

However, without going into details, Patterson said that “there are items that are much bigger than the issue of transportation” that are still outstanding that “we need to meet on which I won’t go into details on because it is not a matter of dispute”.

The senior union official disclosed that “negotiations are to recommence on all outstanding matters on prospective dates in late February early March.”

THE NEW TODAY has also received complaints from TAWU members in some other areas that the union is not as buoyant on addressing their grievances at the work place since the departure of its long-standing President General Senator Chester Humphrey about six years ago.

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