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TAMCC students harsh on Emmalin Pierre

The protest action staged by TAMCC students outside the Ministry of Education of Emmalin Pierre on Friday morning

Students of the T.A Marryshow Community College (TAMCC) in Grenada have accused the Minister for Education, Emmalin Pierre of betraying and abandoning them as they struggle to resolve problems with their exam grades.

On Friday, they picketed the Ministry of Education building in the Botanical Gardens in St. George demanding action from Minister Pierre who earlier this week said Grenada would not join other regional countries in criticising the results from the Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) and the 2020 CAPE.

Student leader Donan Noel, a year two student said there are many discrepancies with their grades in multiple subject areas and they need the support of the Minister of Education to take on CXC.

He said, “We paid for a full exam, we received half the exam and then … we were met with results that were not ours. Students feel betrayed, students feel discouraged, angered at the fact that we were left alone.

“Students feel abandoned by those who were supposed to look out for them – students feel abandoned by the fact that we came to the ministry and we were laughed at. Students feel disgusted at our leadership right now,” he added.

Among those protesting were Island Scholars Tiara Joseph and Carina Blanche – both are concerned that they will miss out on scholarship opportunities and university placement as a result of the poor grades they received from CXC.

The two explained to THE NEW TODAY that many top students received uncharacteristically low grades and students with good profiles received failing grades while others with poor profiles received top grades.

It is discrepancies such as these that the College students want Minister Pierre to address with CXC but earlier this week Pierre had said students were free to use the paid facility available to them to review their grades.

The students say they can hardly afford to pay US$30.00 for each subject they want reviewed by CXC.

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During Friday’s protest an aide to the Minister of Education delivered a message that Pierre would meet with a student representative and a lecturer at midday.

Student Leader Noel said if the Minister is not willing to take their side against CXC their protest will not stop.

“Our protest cannot be quelled if our grievances are not addressed, so unless the Minister is planning to listen to us, to give us a chance to explain ourselves and to side with us – because it is a fact that this is not a Grenada problem, around the region this is a problem that has been felt by CAPE students and they have been helped by Ministries around the region – why is it that our Ministry in Grenada is not on our side?

“We feel that we should be supported. We feel that we should have the backing of our school and our ministry but we came and we did not receive such a thing. This is a problem that is being reported and ignored as if everything is ok – everything is not ok, we are not ok.

Noel went on: “We are scared, we are angry, we are trying to understand how this will affect our futures”.

According to Noel, the stance taken by the Grenadian leadership on such an important issue regarding their future is not surprising to them.

“Our current leadership has shown us in the past that they do not value education, they do not value the students, they do not value the teachers so I am not surprised … we are not surprised that those that say we are the future, are not actually treating it as though that future is in peril.

“We should not be looking to other countries’ ministries to speak for us – Grenada should speak for Grenada. Support should be for us, from us but we are not receiving the support of our own.”

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