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TAMCC is days away from re-opening

TAMCC is the island’s only government-run tertiary educational institution in Grenada

The T.A. Marryshow Community College (TAMCC) prepares to resume classes in mid-September.

College officials held a news conference Thursday to announce plans for registration of new students, the 2020 graduation and COVID-19 protocols for the safe operation of classes across four campuses.

The College will spend an estimated $50,000 to implement COVID19 protocols including temperature checks at every entrance to the campuses, scheduled sanitisation every two hours and the remodelling of classrooms and faculty spaces to accommodate physical distancing.

However, Registrar of the College Marva Bowen-Neptune said they would have to “dig deep” to meet the COVID-19 expenses as more and more needs are identified and that budget is constantly reassessed.

Meanwhile the Ministry of Education has not offered any additional support to the College which was already facing major financial difficulties even before the pandemic.

“We do get a subvention from Government and we’re almost depleting that so if we can get some additional support I think we can even do more for the Grenadian students,” she said.

“We don’t have a lot of money but we are using the little that we have to make ends meet and so if anyone out there wants to pledge something to us and if the government wants to give us more we will be happily taking it because we need it,” she added.

The College Registrar explained some of the areas which need attention to make the four campuses safe for students and faculty.

“We have to strip some of the classroom, we have to install windows, we have to move the partitions, we have to buy even the sanitisers, we even have to outfit our Facilities department with all the gear that they need. We have to spend heavily in that area.

Bowen went on: “TAMCC is small but it’s big, we have different schools and we have people coming in. We have to buy things to test them and we even have to use rooms that we never used before heavily. We have to now use them for a different purpose and so we have to outfit that room so all that is taken into consideration and that money is climbing as well.

“We do have to look at it every day because every day something new is popping up that we need to fix or that we realise we didn’t fix.”

On September 15, enrolled students will resume classes in a phased manner while new intakes are expected to begin attending the school during the first week of October.

College officials have unveiled a staggered schedule with one day per week for face-to-face teaching for each department while online sessions will be used for the remainder of the week.

School official, David Ambrose said the aim is to rotate departments to limit the number of students on the campuses at any given time.

Students enrolled in the Arts and Sciences department will attend classes at the various campuses on Mondays, Tuesdays will be for Arts and Humanities, Wednesdays for Business Studies, Thursdays for Social Sciences and Natural Sciences and Lab sessions for all departments on Fridays.

New students will begin the enrolment process on September 23 following the publication of results for the regional o’level exams from the Caribbean Examination Council.

During on-campus sessions, students will use one classroom while lecturers will move from site to site in order to limit the risk of COVID19 contamination.

The TAMCC graduation ceremony for students who have completed programmes will be held virtually this year because of COVID19 concerns.

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