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Sukie released from prison two months early for good behaviour

Sukie - is now back in Dominica after serving four months at the Richmond Hill prison for indecent assault

After serving four months of a 6-month prison sentence for the offense of Indecent Assault against a teenage girl, Dominican Entertainer Shane ‘Sukie Burn Brain’ Edwards, was this week released from the Richmond Hill Prison and is now back in his homeland having scored points for “good behaviour and industry.”

Commissioner of Prisons Rupert Neckles said the early release from custody of the entertainer is in keeping with the Prison Regulations which state that “one-third of a sentence handed down by the Court would be taken away for good behaviour and industry.”

The prison chief reported that Sukie had displayed exceptional behaviour, which resulted in his early release from the Prison.

“For the duration of his incarceration, he was really disciplined. In fact, when I spoke to him before his release, he indicated that Commissioner, I am going out there to record all the songs that I composed within your prison. So, we do wish him all the best,” said Commissioner Neckles.

The 36-year-old entertainer was arrested on November 25 last year at a resort in the south of the island following an indecent encounter with the under-aged girl, one (1) day before he was booked to perform at an event at the Grenada National Stadium.

Amateur footage captured at the resort showed Sukie being escorted into a police vehicle, following an indecent encounter with a young female said to be a 15-year-old Guyanese national who resides in Canada and was on vacation in Grenada at the time.

Sukie, who had retained counsel in American-trained attorney Jerry Edwin, pleaded guilty to one count of Indecent Assault against a teenager and was sentenced on December 2 to six (6) months behind bars.

When he was arrested last November, several Dominicans said they were not surprised, and described the entertainer as a time bomb when it comes to running into trouble with the law.

One Dominican told THE NEW TODAY that “Sukie” is considered a “repeated” offender and is not considered “a favourite” in the country.

“He is challenged with good discipline and regularly in trouble with the law. Members of the public tried and continue to try to assist him to be a good citizen but he is not showing signs of coming around,” he said.

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