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Statement issued by the President of the Public Workers Union, Rachel Roberts to civil servants due to the uncertainties on the island in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis:

Rachel Roberts – the President of the Public Workers Union

Sisters and brothers in this difficult time we have to raise each other up.

It is a time of pain for many families, loved ones, friends and for all of us.

Many are separated by choice to keep each other safe. Many of us have to love our parents or close relative through a glass or over the phone, the computer, on face time or zoom or messenger. Whatever the method that we use it will be difficult; as it requires a whole cultural change. A change we will never be able to fully accept. However, it is a necessary change for the safety of those we love and care deeply about. A change for their survival and the continuation of life after COVID-19.

We must recognise that after this has ended and passed we will never be the same again. Life as we know it will never be the same, family will never be the same, church will never be the same, travel will never be the same, public service will never be the same, school will never be the same, work will never be the same, business will never be the same, trade union will never be the same, nothing, the world will never be the same.

This time calls us for greater reflection on our own life, on our relationships in our life, on our relationships in every sphere of life. We must reflect on God’s grace and goodness in our life and see his goodness and grace in all our relationships and in everything we do – in all our actions and doings.

Let us give God thanks and praise for just being in us and with us. Let us thank him for all the people in our lives and all those who work on our behalf.

We must especially raise up the wonderful people who are working diligently to keep us safe from COVID-19 and to help us through this crisis, especially so are all our healthcare workers in whatever role they are engaged – from the cleaner to the medical professionals.

We must never forget the cooks preparing the meals, waiter or waitress serving the meal, the bin man collecting and emptying the bin all are important.

Our Lab Technicians and Ex-Ray Technicians, the Ambulance Drivers and Nurses, the Orderlies and even Security too.

Special thanks must be given to the Nurses and the Doctors standing directly over the patients administering care.

Let us pray that they may be protected and shielded that they may have the necessary PPE’s and equipment to protect themselves and the patients as they administer care.

We have to pray for them especially in this dreaded time and pray for their families that God will bind them stronger together while they are separated, yet they may be closer in spirit and love.

COVID-19 does not respect whether we are family or friend, rich or poor, employer, employee or unemployed, a servant or master, Prime Minister, Minister, President, Political Leader, Politician, Manager, Administrator, Priest or Nun. It has no respect for religion or religious, race or creed and cannot be bothered by black or white, Indian or Negro.

It respects no one or no kind and transgresses every border and shall not be blocked or restricted by water, land, air or sea but will entwine even the vagrant on the street. Therefore, we must respect and practice social distancing.

We know this cannot be of God and it is not the nature of man. Let us find the lessons in this crisis. Our very survival in this time depends on washing hands and social distancing. So please, it may seem extreme and irrational too but it will save lives so obey and let us love and celebrate from across the 6ft space and across the internet and across the miles, even behind the door and window too.

We hope we can practice and confirm as much as we need to and please we must in order to keep us safe and secure so that we can rejoice with each other after this has passed in a new world order and the dawning of what is to come.

It will be a new life under the sun. Please practice hand washing and social distancing and stay save. Please my dear public sector workers, my dear Grenadian brothers and sisters let us all obey Hand Washing and Social Distancing.

Stay at Home and Stay Safe!!!

Safe Workers, Save Lives!!!

I Love you all!!!