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Statement by Political Leader of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Franka Alexis-Bernardine on the passing of George Grant

George Grant

It is with a profound sense of sadness and loss, that I offer my condolences to the family of journalist and media giant George Grant on behalf of the NDC. Our PRO would have given a spontaneous comment from all of us and I now add some further expressions on the sense of loss to the party.

I feel our sadness of having lost a friend, a concerned Grenadian, a bright analytical mind, a compassionate man, who understood the importance of principles in public life and fairness and had a deep concern for his fellow man.

George was a personal friend. We were classmates and kept the friendship up through all the years.

His commitment to public awareness and ensuring an unbiased approach was upheld that allowed all voices to be heard. He provided therefore a forum in which the opposition perspectives could be heard– so essential for democracy. This permitted the NDC as the largest opposition party Controlling 41% of the votes to be heard in the public domain on controversial issues. Although he was victimised for his commitment to letting all sides be heard, he continued undaunted with courage and commitment. His high calibre broadcasting ensured an international following.

We will sincerely miss George as will his wide circle of international friends who listened in to his ‘Sundays with George Grant’ as he linked all of us together in a great network of concern for Grenada.

Rest in peace George.

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