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Stabbing in Sauteurs

Grenada has been hit by another bloody act of violence.

A police official has confirmed that one man was seriously injured from a stabbing incident today in Sauteurs, St. Patrick.

He did not give details but said that the injury is “bad” and could be considered as “life-threatening”.

This newspaper understands that the injured man is not from the area but only recently moved into Sauteurs to take up residence with a female companion.

He was reportedly stabbed by another man known as “Dave” but more popularly called “Mad Man Tonic” who is from Marli.

The man who did the stabbing was also said to be someone known by residents in the area to be mentally troubled but dabbles in the singing of calypso.

The stabbing took place not far from the police station in Sauteurs.

One man was chopped to death in Westerhall, St. David last night in yet another bloody incident at a time when Grenada has enforced a Limited State of emergency to tackle the coronavirus pandemic affecting most countries around the world.

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