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St Mark’s teacher found dead

Jimmy Fraser – found dead near to his land

Police in Grenada are looking for a Vincentian national to help them with their investigation into the death of Coast Guard, St Mark resident, Jimmy Fraser, a school teacher at the St Mark’s Secondary School.

THE NEW TODAY understands that Fraser’s wife sounded the alarm when he did not return home from his farm land in Diamond, St. Mark at the usual time.

According to a police official, the nephew of the deceased, Jude Fraser, contacted the Victoria Police Station at around 11.32 p.m. to report that his uncle was missing since he did not return home as usual from the garden.

Jude told the police that around 2.00 p.m., he saw the uncle heading in the direction of his farm land.

“Sometime during the night ….Jimmy’s wife, Vicky Alexander contacted him (Jude) and indicated her husband has not returned home,” said the nephew.

They called his cellphone but he did not answer it.

Jude and Vicky then left for Diamond in search of Jimmy, and his vehicle was found parked close to the land and his phone was locked inside the vehicle.

The police official said that around 1.20 a.m. early Sunday morning information reached them that Jimmy was found dead with a large laceration to the back of his head far from the garden.

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He also said that the person who is known to be always with him in the land, a Vincentian national, was nowhere to be found.

The body was reportedly discovered close to an area where a fire had been lit.

Fraser was preparing to get married next Saturday, according to a close friend of his.

A post-mortem will be done to determine the cause of death but people close to Fraser are speculating that he may have been attacked by someone trying to steal agricultural produce.

Fraser had purchased the agriculture lands in Diamond and was engaged in cultivating crops with the assistance of a Vincentian worker.