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Shocking discovery

The large quantity of weapons that were picked up by the police in their search operation at the National Stadium at a School event

Acting Commissioner of Police Don McKenzie has confirmed reports that a number of offensive weapons were seized by lawmen from students attending Wednesday’s Secondary School Football finals at the national sporting stadium at Queen’s Park.

“….I can confirm that a number of offensive weapons were recovered that were associated with that event,” the island’s Chief Cop told THE NEW TODAY.

”That is true,” added another senior police officer who took out photos of the confiscated items that were recovered.

According to one source, the police also confiscated marijuana fudge, and in another instance a chopper was seized with the word on it “KILL.”

He said the marijuana fudge was not found on a student but in a plastic bag “with a little thing tied up in it” that was apparently thrown over a wall as the Security Force started to search for offensive weapons.

Most of it was not found on their person. I understand that it was thrown over the wall and the police together with other security that were there confiscated all of that.

The official indicated that there is a great amount of lawlessness taking place among students and that sexual promiscuity is rampant among some of them.

He made mention of reports reaching the police of a female student being caught in the act of giving a male student “a blow job in the open”.

There were also recent reports concerning a video captured at a sporting event in which a student was caught in the act of having open sex on the steps in the stadium.

THE NEW TODAY understands that one of the island’s criminal defence attorneys Jerry Edwin was invited to deliver an address to some students at TAMCC ,who are known to be engaged in a number of illegal activities.

Edwin reportedly warned the students of the consequences of their action including a possible jail sentence at the Richmond Hill prison.

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