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SGU gives commitment to release its Covid-19 status after mass testing is completed

St. George’s University – an American-owned offshore medical school

The American-owned offshore St George’s University (SGU) has given assurances that it will make available results of mass testing for Covid-19 that is currently taking place at its True Blue campus in the south of the island.

THE NEW TODAY approached a key member of the school Tuesday in the wake of fears being expressed by some SGU workers about a possible outbreak of the deadly virus on the campus.

Several Grenadians have also pointed fingers at returning students as the possible cause of the Covid-19 Delta Variant that is now widespread in Grenada and causing virus cases to spike in recent days.

“So once I get that figure – whatever it may be I will let you know,” said the female staffer.

She acknowledged that once a student is restricted to a dorm or a bedroom with a sign “Do Not Enter”, people start speculating that the person is Covid-19 positive.

She said that she is not aware of anyone being declared to be positive for the virus as the lab at SGU is very confidential and will not release any information at this stage.

“If there are cases of Covid we would be transparent – we have done so in the past. So it’s not something that we wouldn’t do – we will keep you updated,” she told THE NEW TODAY.

The female employee recalled that in December 2020, there were a few cases of Covid-19 on Campus and the university did release a public statement on the issue.

She disclosed that thousands of students, faculty and staff are currently being tested by the university at the moment and this process should end by Friday.

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“We are testing everybody and the deadline for that is September 3. When we get the results from that mass testing we would be able to report accurate figures,” she said.

“I will not go by or make reports from people suspecting or hearsay or rumours. It only makes sense to report when we tested everyone,” she added.

The senior staffer disclosed that SGU is doing the “gold standard lab PCR tests and not Rapid tests” on persons associated with university.

She also said that the school is happy with the co-operation it is getting to the mass testing that is coming towards an end.

“We are really happy actually because a lot of people have turned out. Everyone has been compliant – it is not optional, it is required and people turned out even on the first day.

SGU is said to be doing both saliva and nasal tests for Covid-19.

According to the staffer most people within the university community choose to do the nasal tests for the virus.

She said although everyone on campus is vaccinated, the mass testing is still the best way to assess the Covid-19 situation on the campus.

“…This is the best way to find out if you have an infection and to act and isolate and do what you have to do as required,” she remarked.

In the wake of persisting reports of suspected cases of the virus on the campus, SGU has issued a bulletin reminding students, faculty and staff of the need to adhere to local Covid-19 requirements including the wearing of masks in the public space.