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Senior nurse exposes crisis at General Hospital

Fingers are pointing at the General Hospital as complaints mount about a lack of proper healthcare service

A senior Nurse at the St George’s General Hospital has made a stinging attack on the healthcare service provided at the island’s premier medical institution.

Speaking to THE NEW TODAY on Wednesday, the Nurse with over 20 years of experience said that nothing has changed under the current Congress government of Prime Minister Dickon Mitchell over that of its predecessor, the New National Party (NNP) administration of Dr. Keith Mitchell.

According to the nurse, the retirement of senior doctors has put the hospital into the hands of a younger generation of doctors who do not seem to be equipped for the job.

“These doctors and them don’t know what they are doing. The ones that are given the responsibility to look after the patients – the Consultants and so – they come to the hospital, they make their rounds and they disappear,” she said.

The nurse charged that there is a lack of accountability at the General Hospital by those given the responsibility to run the institution.

She said that Departmental Heads and the Administration now in charge of the hospital “are not taking accountability for anything.”

“You go to them and you report certain things and nothing is happening. You are talking to the person in charge of the Department and nothing is happening. Every ward I go to, the managers don’t care, the Departmental Sisters don’t care – nobody is being held accountable at the hospital, everybody is just doing what they want,” she added.

The nurse also pointed to a lack of performance on the job by the Cuban doctors who have been sent by Havana to help man the health system in Grenada.

She said: “The Cubans – before we could depend on them, the Cubans come now and they see how Grenadian doctors moving and they moving to suit too. If I am supposed to be your people and I treating you like trash, am treating you this way – the Cubans are treating Grenadians in a kind of a way too.”

The nurse was at pains to point out that the people of Grenada “are the ones suffering” from the lack of proper healthcare given at the General Hospital.

She cited the recent case of a 4-year old who died after receiving treatment at the hospital.

“The mother reported to Casualty – the child was a Sickler and apparently asthmatic and they just treated the child and sent the child home and the next day the child was dead,” she said.

The nurse alleged that some doctors and nurses at the hospital are not competent in allocating medication for patients.

“Imagine government employing doctors and nurses and these people don’t know (about) medication doses – they don’t know”, she said.

The senior nurse also pointed out that with the exit of senior medical professionals from the system like Doctors Simon and Quashie, things have just fallen apart at the hospital.

“They don’t have no senior Consultant at the Hospital to give supervision to Interns. So these little Interns and them are just learning by the wayside – nobody to guide them.

“I don’t put my mouth in a basket (to talk)…..imagine one doctor will send you home and another will question why she sent you home – they don’t understand how they can send you home.”

The nurse called on newly installed Health Minister Phillip Telesford to do something quickly with the level of Healthcare at the General Hospital.

She said: “I will be honest with you, when these people (NDC) took over the country I thought that hospital would have been the first place that they would have done an overhaul. There are a number of NNP people in Administrative positions and that hospital is on the ground right now. Nobody ain’t doing their work and if they don’t do their work people like me can’t function.”

“Because if I am coming to you and am saying what I see happening in the Department is wrong – there is no protocol, there is no standard – people doing dressing any old how and hoping that nobody would see them and say doctor you ain’t supposed to do that or nurse that is not what you’re supposed to do.

“All the senior nurses, all the Grenadian-trained nurses left. It’s only people like myself and a couple others … are the senior nurses up there and the Departmental Heads and Managers just don’t care.”

THE NEW TODAY was told about a situation on Wednesday in which Consulting doctors at the hospital were sending back home diabetic patients on the grounds that there was no dressing available for their wounds.

Government was said to be in the process of trying to use Fedex to bring in these supplies quickly into the country while it waited on two containers with supplies that were enroute to Grenada.

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