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Senate pays tribute to Kim George

Kim George – quit the Upper House after serving for only two years

Praises of humbleness and good professional character were showered in the Upper House of Parliament as Senators paid tribute to outgoing Senator Kim George, who resigned in October as a government member in the Senate.

Acknowledging the absence of the female Attorney-at-Law, during the sitting of the Senate, President of the Upper House, Chester Humphrey lauded her for what he described as her “remarkable” contributions to the House during her 2-year stint.

“She (Sen. George) had a discerning eye for the law, she was forthright in the collections of her thoughts, she was profound in the contributions that she has made to this House and I think all of us who would have benefitted from her knowledge would recognise the loss by virtue of her absence from the Senate,” President Humphrey declared.

“She has done some wonderful work on a number of legal matters and has been very active in the Parliamentary sub-committee of women, working on legislation to address sexual abuse and sexual offences arising at the workplace,” he said.

The Senate President went on: “She has made certainly outstanding and valuable contributions. And although we have not yet completed that work, she has given the assurance that she is prepared to continue to serve.

“She has also given me the assurance that she will be following events in this Chamber and that from time to time she can be called upon to use her expertise in any way that the nation feels she can assist. So, although she has exited the Chamber in body, she has not exited the Chamber in commitment to see Grenada our home land a better place,” he told the sitting.

Leader of Government Business in the Senate, Sen. Simon Stiell who also paid tribute, noted that the outgoing Senator had “always demonstrated her significant professional capacity and brought to the debate here in the house a level of balance maturity and thoroughness.”

“That was her hallmark and she will certainly be missed,” he said, adding that, “Sen. George, in preparing for Senate sessions would often discuss matters with me as Leader of Government Business to get a deeper insight and ensure that the contribution that she made was as significant as possible and also provided me with counsel with her legal understanding in terms of some of the contributions that I made.

“And what also struck me about Sen. George is her passion for national development. Her contribution here was not about partisan politics but a genuine desire to add her voice and her capacity to the national debate and on behalf of the Senators on this side, I wish her the very best in all her endeavours,” he said.

Sen. George has not publicly disclosed the reason behind her decision to resign and was not willing to comment on the issue when contacted by this newspaper.

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