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Security Forces need to watch Grand Mal and Fontenoy

File photo of a cache of arms and ammunition that were confiscated by the police in Grenada

A senior resident in the St George North-west constituency is warning the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) that Saturday’s night incident involving the indiscriminate firing of illegal weapons around the Carenage Ghetto is also taking place on a frequent basis in the Fontenoy and Grand Mal villages.

The resident who had military training during the 1979-83 Grenada Revolution called THE NEW TODAY to complain about the activities of a few youngsters in the two small villages who often go up to a particular hillside and fire off bullets on a regular and constant basis.

He said there is “a nest” of youngsters in these two villages and it is not unsual for residents to hear gunshots from an area called “The Rock in the bush.”

According to the insider, he is not sure if the residents do call the Police when the gunshots are being fired off but he knows that the lawmen have in the past detained a prime suspect for possession of an illegal firearm.

“They picked him up – they get a gun already – they have a case in court with him,” he said.

He charged that the suspect is well-connected as one family member is known to be working in a key government department that involves the Justice system.

The former soldier of the 1979-83 People’s Revolutionary Army (PRA) related an incident which took place on Old Year’s night with the constant firing of shots from up in “The Rock.”

“I didn’t go anywhere Old Year’s night – I sit down here and I see the light on top the hill dey when they start to fire. At first it was hand gun but when they start using the rifle …. I know automatic rifle – once you squeeze it about 5 to 6 shots coming out,” he said.

The ex-army man believes that the youths involved in the illegal firing of the weapons are not trained to engage in the activities.

He said: “They are not trained to spit off 3 shots – when they fire off, it’s about 5, 6 shots firing off. If they were trained it would have been in burst of 3…. so you know they are not trained and they are just doing their thing.”

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Asked if he felt that the youngsters were just engaged in mischief making or trying to create panic in the village, he said: “They are trying out the weapons and them.”

Speculation is rife that a large shipment of illegal arms and ammunition recently came into the island and is linked to gangs in the 4-Roads area in the city and the Carenage Ghetto.

The Security Forces have not been able to intercept any of the illegal weapons.

According to the ex-PRA member, there is no issue on hand at the moment among gang members in places like Belmont, Grand Mal, Fontenoy, The Carenage, River Road and Grand Anse for weapons to be pulled out and brought into action.

He said these are the persons that the Security Forces need to keep a close watch and eye on in order “to get the necessary information so you could deal with them fellahs.”

In related news, the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) issued a bulletin on Tuesday in which it announced that one person from the St Andrew area was arrested and charged for possession of arms, ammunition and drugs.

The released said: “On Friday 5th January 2024, officers attached to the Drug Squad and Major Crimes Units executed a search warrant at the premises of Akim Williams, 29 years old, Fisherman of Telescope, St. Andrew, which led to the discovery of two (2) 9mm Pistols, thirty-six (36) rounds of 9mm Ammunition, ten (10) pounds two (2) ounces of Cannabis with an estimated street value of $22,963.00 and eighty-five (85) grams of Crack Cocaine with an estimated street value of $850.00.

Mr. Williams was subsequently arrested and charged with the offences of Possession of Illegal Firearms, Possession of Ammunition and Trafficking in Controlled Drugs. He was taken to Grenville Magistrate’s Court on Monday 8th January 2024, and was remanded in custody at His Majesty’s Prisons.

Mr. Williams is scheduled to make his next court appearance on Monday 15th January 2024.”

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