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Scandal in traffic tickets in RGPF

Traffic Wardens on the job in the town of St George's

Information has surfaced about a scandal within the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) on the issuing of tickets for traffic offences.

One officer told THE NEW TODAY that tickets issued to big businessmen on the island, as well as influential persons in the society will often disappear from the police station resulting in the matter not going to court or the person not paying the fine imposed on them.

He said this has been happening in the police force for some time now and has been allowed to go unchecked.

“Everybody knows that – that has been happening a while now,” he said.

According to the source, he understands that one of the females who attended the meeting a week ago with Commissioner of Police, Edvin Martin to discuss sexual abuse of female police officers by high-ranking officers did raise the issue.

He said that Traffic Wardens will often complain of issuing tickets to traffic offenders and the matter is swept under the carpet.

If they issue a ticket to say people like store managers that have links with them officers in town or in Grenville – you don’t see any tickets afterwards, you don’t even hear about it – it ain’t reaching the court,” he added.

He told THE NEW TODAY about an incident in which a Traffic Warden told him that she issued a ticket to a big Indian businessman (name withheld) in Grenville and an officer dismissed it on the grounds that the businessman had donated a fan to the Grenville Police Station.

He said that the traffic wardens will refrain from issuing tickets to these high society persons who have connections with high-ranking officers in the police force.

There are also reports about an Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) at a police station in the city who threw out a matter involving a female police officer without telling her anything about it.

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The matter is said to involve a female civilian that the female police officer had arrested for allegedly committing an offence.

The source indicated that the female police officer was forced to go to police headquarters at Fort George “to push and push just to get back her matter because he threw it out without even telling her.”

The following letter was sent to THE NEW TODAY by a female police officer who is upset about the issue of senior officers dismissing some of the traffic tickets issued to high profile members of the society:

“I want you to address corruption in the RGPF.

Once you’re of a low rank and someone with links committed an offence and you charge them, once it’s a high-ranking friend then they dismiss the matter without telling you or they throw away your fixed penalty tickets.

I’ve had instances and most recent instances too where I charged high ranking friends just as I charge any other civilian and they will hide the tickets or the bail forms and they want us to charge the ordinary civilians…those without links.

How unfair!!!”

Another female officer who confirmed the allegations of senior officers interfering with traffic tickets issued to influential persons in the society said the following: “I don’t wish to list the exact events for security reasons but I’ve preferred charges against important persons both criminal and traffic offenses and they were dismissed. I’m currently a traffic cop and only persons of a low status in society go to court because our superiors dismiss these tickets without even telling me.

When you check the court then you realise they were never lodged. I’m not the only one experiencing it. A lot of the Wardens complain to me too. If no one addresses it then it won’t stop.”

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