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“Santa’s” father killed by police bullet

Trevor Regis – shot dead by the police

When I looked out, I see a man drift and fall down on the sidewalk there.

Those were the words uttered by an eyewitness to a shooting incident in downtown St. George’s early this afternoon in which one individual believed to be in his 60’s was allegedly shot by a member of the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF).

The man who was shot by the police reportedly died just after 2.00 p.m at the St. George’s General Hospital.

He has been identified as Trevor Regis, the father of Chris “Santa” Regis, the ex-national swimmer from Fontenoy, St. George who was shot two weeks ago by another police officer.

“Santa” was shot in the upper arm after the police swooped down on him at his home in the same village for a lighted ganja spliff.

An eyewitness told THE NEW TODAY that the incident involving the father took place on Monckton Street between the Courts Building and the Grenada National Museum.

He said: “I was inside the building here and I heard shots firing. When I looked out, I see a man drift and fall down on the sidewalk there and I see a police with a gun in his hand and I see a next police holding his hand with blood spouting from his hand”.

A confidential source said that the father who is a fisherman by profession visited his injured son at the St. George’s General Hospital this morning and apparently went berserk after seeing him on the bed.

He said the father left the hospital and went down to the Financial Complex, less than a mile away and started to attack people in the building.

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He spoke of one police woman being stabbed and injured by the man while escorting a prisoner to the Criminal Records Office (CRO) of the police force.

Regis proceeded to the Courts and Museum area where he got involved in another confrontation with the police.

According to the source, one male policeman was stabbed by Regis who was eventually shot by another police officer.

Another eyewitness told THE NEW TODAY that he saw “a long knife on the ground by the man” after he was taken down by the police bullet.

Asked if the man was dead, he said: “He was breathing but I don’t find that he’s going to make it”.

According to the source, he stood over the man on the ground and concluded that he was shot in the area of the chest.

“That is where I see blood. I don’t know exactly where he got shot but that is where I see blood on his jersey,” he said.

The eyewitness described the individual as not a young man but someone who looked to be already pass his 50’s.

“The man has grey beard in his face,” he said.

A brief statement put out by the Community Relations Department of RGPF said: “Two police officers, one male and a female, are currently hospitalised after being allegedly stabbed by an individual in the town of St. George.

The incident occurred about 12:45 p.m. at Young Street, St. George’s. One man has been shot and is also hospitalised. Police are investigating”.

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