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Rodents pose threat to Home for the Elderly

The unhealthy site around the Grand Anse Home for the Aged

The government changed but nothing has changed.

This is the lament of a senior citizen in South St George who is upset with the failure of the current rulers to remove from around the Roman Catholic Church in Calliste and the adjacent Grand Anse Home for the Aged a businessman who has stockpiled several old iron, vehicles and other items for overseas shipment.

The resident told THE NEW TODAY that the problem existed since under the former New National Party (NNP) government of Keith Mitchell and the incoming Congress administration of Dickon Mitchell has not been of much assistance in helping to get rid of this ugly and unhealthy situation.

He said the current Member of Parliament for South St George, Minister for Mobilisation Implementation and Transformation (MIT) Andy Williams also got involved but was unable to remove the businessman and his garbage from the place.

“Andy gave instructions but those instructions (were not) followed – the man was supposed to move out there” he added.

According to the resident, the businessman had initially placed a container on the ground between the church and the Home for Senior Citizens and in short order started to pack around it with old iron, car parts and whatever he could lay his hand on in order to ship out of the country.

He said it is now clear that the area is now being used by the individual “as his dumping ground.”

“Whatever he buys, he packs it up there and ever so often he has a transportation take it and bring it to the port for export,” he remarked.

The resident indicated that part of the land being used by the businessman belongs to the Catholic Church, another portion is the road itself, and the other is adjacent to the Home for senior citizens.

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“The priest was trying to get him out – it doesn’t look good. The priest has been trying since he came. This is a church and it takes away from the environment. As I tell you, you smell old oil, rodents are all about there now,” he said.

According to the resident, the businessman was given permission by the operator of a printery at the back of the church to put the items at the entrance to his property in order to help him to start the business.

However, the operator of the printery has been trying to get him to move out of the area given the large pile-up of the items.

Courtney was trying to remove the businessman and his stuff as it was creating a nuisance to his driveway to his home and small printery.

The resident pointed out that 3-4 years passed and the situation is not seemingly anywhere close to a solution.

He said that several persons who frequent the Catholic Church have taken the position that the businessman has influence within the Ministries of Health and The Environment and are now looking for Prime Minister Dickon Mitchell to intervene.

The man is believed to have connections within the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of the Environment.

The resident told THE NEW TODAY that a delegation of churchgoers met with the businessman just over a year ago and he indicated that he had found a place to relocate but nothing has been happening.

He said the people who are pressing for the removal of the old iron and vehicles and other garbage want “to see a nice environment” for the elderly citizens at the home.

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