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Robbers hit Charlo’s Supermarket

Police are in search of at least two men who used the cover of the 9-hour nightly Covid-19 curfew in the wee hours of Sunday to break into Charlo’s Supermarket in River Road, St. George and remove the money vault.

A company official told THE NEW TODAY that the robbery took place just after 2.00 a.m. when the area was deserted.

He said the security cameras installed in the building were able to pick up two figures wearing masks as they carried out the robbery.

“We see two so far,” he said, adding that “from the time the police see (the images), they suspect one already – it’s the same set of guys who do it all over.”

“One of them was watching right into the camera not realising the camera was taking him,” he remarked.

Asked what else was taken away from the supermarket by the intruders, the company official said: “I can’t say yet – we are analysing.”

THE NEW TODAY understands that some high-end drinks were taken away by the robbers.

Early morning shoppers were turned away from entering the supermarket by a Security Guard and employees as members of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) were still on the scene gathering evidence.

According to the company official, the intruders made their entry into the building from the back as they broke down a door and pushed aside a number of items that were standing in their way.

He said this door is not in use but that a number of things were placed there to block entry.

He stated that the operators of the supermarkets always wanted to completely seal and block off that danger area but the landlord was not giving them permission to do so.

“If I had my way I would have blocked it because we don’t use it,” he said.

THE NEW TODAY was told that it was the same location that robbers used on a rainy night in 2013 to break into the supermarket.

The police were able to retrieve the tools used by the intruders to stage the robbery at Charlo’s.

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