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Robbers break into St David Supermarket

Details are beginning to emerge about a break-in by robbers at a small supermarket in the St. David’s area.

THE NEW TODAY understands that the supermarket is located about 100 yards away from the St. David’s Police station and that it was attacked on the first night of the 14-day curfew on December 21.

The supermarket was originally operated by the Hazzard family and then the building was rented out to the popular “Hot Spot” enterprise for about four years before it came under new management about 2 years ago.

There has been no official announcement from the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) about this incident but one of the operators of the business confirmed that it did happen.

He said that the intruders were able to force themselves into the building but could not get access onto the main floor where the items for sale are located.

He disclosed that the thieves only managed to get into a backroom where they took away a digital DVD player.

“I suspect that it is somebody who knows the operation because they closed down the security system when they got in,” he said.

According to the supermarket operator, the police suspect that it was the same set of persons who had attacked the nearby MoneyGram office of Western Union in St. David a few weeks earlier but did not succeed in removing the money vault because of its weight.

Early Sunday morning, two robbers were able to force themselves into Charlo’s supermarket at River road, St. George’s and stole the money vault and several expensive alcoholic drinks.

The police have not released any information on the amount of incidents that occurred so far during the limited State of Emergency imposed by the Keith Mitchell-led government to try and arrest the rising cases of Covid-19 in Grenada.

The total number of persons who have tested positive for the deadly virus since it was first detected on the island in March now stands at 124.

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