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RGPF rocked by reports of a brawl involving two homosexuals in the force

A group of military officers in jubilant mood

Reports are circulating within the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) of a homosexual
relationship between a top cop and a junior member of the force that went sour in which one is
accused of assaulting the other in a very violent manner.
Well-placed sources told THE NEW TODAY that one of the officers involved in the issue has
reportedly filed a complaint with the Police High Command at headquarters on Fort George
about the issue of being mauled by his colleague.

“He (Junior Officer) filed a complaint – I understand that the guy (Senior Officer) beat him
up….,” he said. A source who did not want to be identified said that the issue is the talking point among several sections of the police force at the moment.

He stated that the Junior Officer was “stalking” his superior who was working in the same
department with him and met him and another man engaged “in some action.”
According to the insider, the Junior police officer confronted his boss “and the boss (name
withheld) beat him up.”

Acting Commissioner of Police Don Mc Kenzie was sent the following question by THE NEW
TODAY on the issue: “Mr Commissioner, we are getting reports that a police officer lodged a
complaint that he was assaulted by a senior member of RGPF over a homosexual relationship
that went sour. Can you confirm whether any such report was made to you which triggered an
investigation into the allegation?

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“The two officers are said to be assigned to (name of Department withheld) and that you have
since taken a decision to remove at least one of them from the Department. Can you confirm
whether the report is true or false?”
A senior cop said he had heard about the alleged incident involving the two police officers but
was not aware which agency in RGPF might be assigned the task to investigate the complaint of assault.

However, he felt that the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) should not be involved since
one of the top officers there is a close relative of one of the parties.
“I don’t know if they are going to deal with it from headquarters standpoint and let them
investigate at that level from headquarters,” he remarked.

The senior cop spoke of reports circulating within the Police Force that both the Senior and
Junior officer used to sleep together at night in the office where they were working in
downtown St George’s.

Ten months ago, officers attached to RGPF were assigned the task to investigate the murder of
prominent gay Josiah “Jonty” Robinson, 24 years old whose body was found on a beach in the
south of the island. Another Gay man, Javid Raymond, 28 has since been charged in connection with the death.

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