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Response from Commissioner Don McKenzie

Acting Commissioner of Police Don McKenzie

The CBI programme has not been compromised.

Those were the words of Acting Commissioner of Police Don McKenzie in his first reaction in several weeks to a question posed by THE NEW TODAY following reports that a female member of the Immigration Department had engaged in some questionable activities in the passport-selling scheme.

According to Commissioner McKenzie, the CBI programme “continues to operate within the confines of the protocols and the measures that were put in place from initial and that the programme is not compromised.”

There have been reports that a female officer who is no longer attached to the main office at the Botanical Gardens at Tanteen but at the Maurice Bishop International Airport (MBIA) at Point Salines was discovered engaged in facilitating passports to persons seeking renewal of their passports under the programme.

According to a senior police officer, this is wrong as passports are only processed at the main office and not by any person operating at MBIA or any other outlet of the Passport office.

Commissioner McKenzie also offered the following response to the question as to whether the named officer might have done something wrong.

“I cannot speak to that,” he said.

The island’s chief cop also avoided answering the specific question on whether he had allowed for an investigation to take place into the allegation as reported by the newspaper.

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“I am satisfied that the programme has not been compromised. I am satisfied that the programme was not at risk of being compromised and that the business of the CBI continues consistently with the protocols,” he said.

The CBI passport selling scheme is one of the major revenue earners for Grenada and surpasses the contributions from the key tourism and agriculture sectors.

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