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Renewed call for Speed Humps in Westerhall

A businesswoman in the Westerhall area has vowed to start a petition to get persons to call on the police to put “Speed Humps” along the roadway where three persons died in a major vehicular mishap in Westerhall on Monday afternoon.

Speaking to THE NEW TODAY minutes after the accident, the business executive said that several years ago the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) was petitioned about erecting “a speed hump” almost on the spot where the accident took place but the Traffic Department did nothing.

“This road here – we have asked many times (for speed humps),” she said.

In a release Tuesday, RGPF said it had started an investigation into the vehicular collision involving a passenger bus and a garbage disposal truck that resulted in the death of the three people.

It said, “the accident, which occurred just before 4:00 p.m. claimed the lives of Kimberly Felix, 40 years, Lab Technician of Crochu, St. Andrew, Rosey Roxy Baptiste, 48 years, Janitor of La Sagesse, St. David and Alister Andrew, 28 years, Logistic Clerk of Post Royal, St. Andrew.

Both Felix and Baptiste were pronounced dead at the scene of the accident while Andrew died at the St. George’s General Hospital.

This newspaper understands that Andrew, a former student of St. Andrew Anglican Secondary School (SAASS), was attached to the Community Relations Office (CRO) of the Police Force as a government-assigned Imani worker.

According to the business woman, she has witnessed several dogs being hit by speeding vehicles on the road where the fatal accident took place.

She said that at times she had used money from her own pocket to pay the Grenada Society for the Prevention of Cruelty of Animals (GSPCA) to come out into the area and attend to dogs who were hit by fast-moving vehicles.

Describing herself as “an animal lover”, the woman said that a German person and other residents in the area have also contacted the Traffic Department to do something along the public road there but without any success.

“I have been begging for speed humps. We need speed humps from the top of (the road) come right down to the petrol station.

“We need to have speed humps – it’s madness on this road – total madness. Nothing has been happening here. We’ve asked, we have begged.

“We have lobbied many years ago – nothing has happened. I am going all out to petition for this”.

The fatal accident involved a garbage truck owned by Thomas Waste that was travelling in the direction of Westerhall into the city and a bus which was taking passengers home from St George and into the St David direction.

THE NEW TODAY understands that the driver of the garbage truck claimed that he lost brake coming down the hilly area of the road when it struck the bus which was sent crashing to a nearby wall.

Some of the passengers were left dead and badly injured and pinned inside the bus.

Three ambulances rushed to the scene of the accident to transport the injured passengers to the St. George’s General Hospital for urgent medical attention.

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