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Religious Leader: Blame Pastor Simon for rise of Leon “Bogo” Cornwall at St George’s Baptist

Leon “Bogo” Cornwall – wrote the religious edict about “to Hell With Hell”

A Grenada religious leader has said that head of St George’s Baptist Church Pastor Stanford Simon should take some of the blame in the fall-out with convicted Maurice Bishop killer, Major Leon “Bogo” Cornwall who was allowed to preach to his congregation while holding onto the doctrine of “To Hell With Hell” and that God will prepare a place for everyone in Heaven.

The Leon “Bogo” Cornwall edict has attracted much attention on Social Media with many criticising the former Central Committee member of the now defunct marxist New Jewel Movement (NJM)  for preaching a theology that is totally out of order.

One person who slammed into Cornwall likened his edict as “another Stalinist interpretation of the bible.”

According to the religious leader who did not want to be named, Pastor Simon erred by allowing Cornwall to preach to his congregation without first checking to make sure that he was in sync with the teachings of St George’s Baptist.

“No Baptist or Pentecostal is going to believe that nonsense (Hell doesn’t exist). If you bring a man in (your church), the Bible says don’t hustle a man into any position.”

“No matter how talented this guy (Cornwall) was, what they should have done was to wait – find out what the man believed, drill down on him, did this man go through new members’ class because these are questions that you ask particularly if a guy is coming from a different denomination. He has to go through new members’ classes so he understands what the beliefs are.”

“…If I join the Catholic Church they are going to catholicise me – they are not going to just say you come – they are going to teach me the Catholic ways. So the question is – was he (Cornwall) instructed into the fundamental beliefs of the Baptist Faith before he was put up to teach? I’m sure the answer is no? That is what churches do.”

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“This man was not indoctrinated in the beliefs of the Baptist Faith because if he were to be instructed in that they would have known that this is what this man believes “Everyone will go to Heaven and no one will end up in Hell,” he said.

According to the cleric, St George’s Baptist and Pastor Simon ran the risk of seeing Cornwall “wreck a whole church” with the preaching of the controversial edict.

The Religious leader also questioned whether Cornwall was not given what he called “an unfair advantage” over other church members to preach on the pulpit.

“Am sure if other people joined they are going to go through the beliefs of the church. You can’t become a Seventh Day Adventist unless they indoctrinate you because if a Catholic becomes a Seventh Day Adventist they are going to drill down on that person.”

‘First of all they worship on Saturday so they’re going to tell you why they worship on Saturday and not on Sunday. They will ensure that anybody joining whether you are a preacher or not – when you join whether you are a preacher coming from another church they just don’t put you up to preach or teach – they are going to ensure that you know their doctrine, that you are schooled in the doctrine and that is what you are going to teach and the first day that you going to teach something contrary, they are sitting you down.”

THE NEW TODAY understands that the Leadership Committee of St George’s Baptist has taken the decision that the former Marxist-Leninist in the 1979-83 Grenada Revolution will no longer be allowed to preach or teach in the church.

Cornwall has not been seen attending the church since the ban was imposed on him and he is known to have started preaching sermons on the platform of “Cornerstone Ministry of Grace and Truth.”

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