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Recommendations made on several government buildings

The Ministerial Complex – hundreds of government employees work in the building on a daily basis

“There is a lot to be fixed.”

Those were the words used by a top civil servant who has seen a report presented by a high-powered team appointed by government to look into the working conditions for employees at the Ministerial Complex and several other government offices around the island.

THE NEW TODAY understands that the members of the team have already conducted site visits to almost all the offices at the Ministerial Complex in the Botanical Gardens, as well as the nearby Ministry of Education building, Supreme Court Registry, Princess Royal hospital at Mirabeau, Grand Bras Medical station, Audit Department at Mt. Wheldale, and the Parliament building.

According to the official, the team has noted in its report that there is a lack of fire extinguishers in many government ministries and departments.

He lamented the fact that there are some government offices where there are no fire extinguishers and in some places the wrong fire extinguisher is being used since it can only deal with only one type of fire.

“…We have recommended that they get the correct ABC fire extinguishers that could deal with any type of fire and especially in these places where there are a lot of files and no fire extinguisher,” he quoted the team member as saying.

“We are getting there. We have made the necessary recommendations to ensure that they install the necessary fire extinguishers,” the member added.

The official also said that the report, which was sent to Labour Minister Peter David, focused on the lack of face shields to protect public officers from the virus as they attend to the public in some government ministries.

He stated that one drawback in tackling the issue is the lack of plexi on the island and assured once the material is imported by the building supply companies then the shields will be put up as a matter of priority.

This newspaper was told that another recommendation made by the group to government is for persons who can conduct their business online and on the telephone to do so in order to avoid Social Contact with public officers.

This, he said, is strongly suggested in order to reduce on the number of persons coming into the various ministries at one time to conduct their business.

“We are encouraging persons (public officers) where they could do business online like with the telephone, to try to encourage customers as much as possible – send out the necessary statements to customers, encouraging their customers to see how they could call-in rather than come in the ministry – see how they could email and that kind of thing,” he remarked.

On the issue of protocols for Social Distancing among government employees in their respective offices, the official said that this is not a problem and is very much in play at most government ministries and departments.

He said that in those places where there is a problem “we have been recommending” that to the authorities.

“We are not only looking at the Covid set up but also things like Occupational Safety and Health of workers at these places. It’s a lot of work,” he told THE NEW TODAY.

“We have made our recommendations – some recommendations we were able to implement right away. Some recommendations must go to the Ministry of Works to be able to do what has to be done. Some may just require the Administration to take action,” he said.

The group has already recommended to government that it should relocate the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) because the building is heavily infested with termites which are eating away many of the pages of several important law books.

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