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Questions for the police to answer ….

Acting Commissioner of Police Don McKenzie – needs to investigate the police handling of the body on arrival at Central Police station

As Body of Executed Carenage Gangster Taken to Central Police Station and not the Hospital

Grenada police are coming under fire for what appears to be a major failure in its handling of the executed Carenage gangster Von “Wangy” Cyrus after he was gunned down by four armed masked men in Saigon two weeks ago as part of an ongoing war among persons linked to the Underworld.

THE NEW TODAY understands that the body was deposited at Central Police Station on the Carenage around 2.00 a.m in the wee hours of the morning by the man described as The Carenge Don.

“It is our van that brought the dead man to the hospital,” said a senior police officer attached to the Central Police station who did not want to be identified.

According to a retired Police Commander, this should be investigated thoroughly as the person had no right to remove the body from the crime scene.

He said the Police on duty at Central should have immediately detained the man, not allow him to leave the precinct, as well as search him along with the vehicle that was used to transport the body as this now involved a murder case.

A police insider said that The Carenage Don knew that “Wangy” was dead when he brought the body to the station, located less than 400 yards away from the Carenage Ghetto, one of the bases often used by the feared gangster.

He said the report given to him by one of the officers on duty was that (name withheld) pulled up right in front of the station’s gate and the police driver who was seated in the vehicle was the first officer who realised that something was wrong when he saw him.

”When he pulled up in front dey, he tell them, look nah, he bring a man dey, something happened down the road and the man got shot and the man look like he dead but he get injured and he has to go and sort out himself,” he was quoted as saying.

The Carenage Don then left the station and disappeared into the early hours of the morning.

The Police insider is questioning why the man chose to bring the body to Central Police station and not the nearest police station which was South St George, less than a mile away from Saigon where the execution took place.

He feared that the State team of prosecutors could face a challenge in a murder trial as a skillful defense attorney would raise questions about the killing in light of the fact that a doctor was not called on the crime scene to pronounce Wangy as dead.

Another police officer at the station who became aware of the situation said he heard the officer on duty calling out to someone on the telephone, “They bring “Wangy”, “Wangy” dead.”

He said the officer on the other end of the phone apparently gave instructions to put the body into the vehicle belonging to Central and take it immediately to the General Hospital.

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He stated that he later learnt that the officer who was giving instructions was fearful that with Wangy’s death spreading to the Carenage Ghetto, the “Boys” would have poured out in numbers onto the compound ad that would have been difficult to control.

“The safest thing to do was to bring him to the hospital,” he remarked.

According to the police officer he suspected that The Carenage Don had something in the vehicle that he did not want the police to see or either he was afraid to take the body up to the hospital out of fear that the four armed masked men might be following and launch another attack on him up there.

Another police insider pointed out that the last shot that finished off the Carenage gangster after he was initially hit by a bullet that made him go down on the ground was a direct one into his head by an assassin.

“Wangy” reportedly crawled under the car that he was driving into Saigon that belonged to The Carenage Don.

The police source said that within minutes of arriving in the drug-infested area “the masked man came out, shot him in the head and that was when they were able to rob him (of gold chain and hand bracelet).”

The police believe that one of the masked men stayed in the car while three others came out to launch the attack on the two Carenage men including “The Don” in Saigon.

He said it appeared that the armed masked men were of the belief that “The Carenage Don was the real target that they were looking for and initially thought it was him who came out of the vehicle but instead it was Wangy as the two had switched vehicles earlier in the night.

However, when they saw the target coming in their direction, the masked men started to fire at him and one of the bullets narrowly missed the head but scraped the ears.

The assassins were forced to retreat as The Carenage Don whipped out a gun and started firing at them rapidly with a more powerful weapon.

An eyewitness said that multiple shots were fired at the getaway stolen vehicle and it failed to move as one of the bullets apparently struck the engine.

Two underworld figures – Razim Mitchell and Marcus “Slick” Johnson have been charged by the police for Wangy’s murder while the search is on for the other two suspects – one is believed to be a Vincentian national who was recently released from prison in his homeland on gun and ammunition charges.

THE NEW TODAY has not been able to get confirmation on whether police have called in the powerful Carenage Don for questioning on the deadly events that took place two weeks ago in Saigon.

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