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PWU election heating up

Daisy Hazzard – keeping her cards close to the chest

With less than a week to go before Nomination closes for all positions to be contested in the March 16 election for the new Executive to serve the Public Workers Union (PWU), controversial Public Relations Officer (PRO), Daisy Hazzard is still undecided on whether to take part in the contest.

Well-placed sources told THE NEW TODAY that Hazzard is fearful that public officers might have lost confidence in her and might not support her bid to remain in office for another term.

According to one insider, several persons have reached out to the current PRO on whether she will offer herself for the position but she keeps telling them that she is still undecided although no other rival candidate has come forward to contest the position prior to Nomination.

He said that Hazzard is yet to make a stop at some workplaces to solicit votes for the election.

She is said to be using the phone “to feel out” several public officers on whether she should contest the election.

One close aide also quoted her as saying that she is praying for God’s guidance on whether to take part in the election.

Speculation is rife that Hazzard might have had her eyes set on the top position of President of PWU as a possible replacement to the outgoing boss, Brian Grimes who is expected to face stiff opposition to remain in office.

Hazzard has apparently fallen from grace in many sections of the public service for her Social Media postings against Congress and Prime Minister Dickon Mitchell.

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The PRO of the PWU is considered to be closely associated with Political Leader of the now defunct THE GRENADA MOVEMENT (TGM), Dr. Patrick Antoine who had failed in his bid to land the top position of Congress prior to the entry of Dickon Mitchell into the party.

Grimes is also said to be concerned about his own position in the face of a challenge from fellow executive member, Beryl-Ann Clarkson, the daughter of late PWU President Lauret Clarkson.

He told close aides that he had not anticipated the challenge and is taking it “very seriously.”

The present PWU boss is said to have embarked upon a series of visits to workplaces in the public service to trump up support for his campaign to remain at the helm of the island’s largest public sector trade union.

Union officials have also told THE NEW TODAY, Grimes could get a serious backlash in the election over a recent Facebook posting that seemingly was an attack on former PWU President Madonna Harford.

“People are not stupid and can read between the lines. He was attacking Madonna and that does not make any sense,” said a former PWU Executive member on the Social Media posting.

The anti-Grimes/Hazzard push is being led by a former PWU President who is now said to be giving full backing to Clarkson for the top post in the union and for a medical doctor operating on the western side of the island to become the new 1st Vice-President.

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