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“Project 500” is coming on stream

York House – was left in ruins after the passage of Hurricane Ivan in 2004

The Dickon Mitchell-led Congress government is looking to soon launch an initiative called “Project 500” in which it plans to build 500 Grenadian-style affordable houses for its citizens.

A government spokesman told THE NEW TODAY that the intention of the project is to increase the housing stock on the island and make it affordable for people to own them.

He said the project has two-phases, one is to build homes for people who have their own lands, as well as those who are in possession of land but willing to enter into an arrangement with the government to “provide the land and we build the houses on it.

He announced that the Congress regime is also looking at government lands to erect some of the houses.

According to the official, the NDC government is aware that a number of people on the island have lands but are not doing anything with it.

He said that “Project 500” will provide them with the opportunity to either rent the land or choose “to build (on it) at an affordable price” and in the end the land owner is given an opportunity to eventually own something in the country.

He disclosed that the project will be operated by the Housing Authority of Grenada (HAG) but with guidance from the Ministry of Social Development.

The government official also announced that a project called GRIP that was there since the beginning of 2022 under the former New National Party (NNP) government of Keith Mitchell but which never got off the ground would be put back on the front-runner under the 22-month old Dickon Mitchell-led Congress government.

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He said that a number of projects are being targeted like the Balthazar Bridge in St Andrew.

“We are going to redo the Balthazar Bridge so that when the heavy rain falls it doesn’t flood,” he added.

According to the official, another important component of the GRIP project is to give assistance to the coastal areas of Marquis and Soubise in the St Andrew South-east constituency.

“We are going to do a study and some work on it to reinforce the coastal areas,” he said.

The official disclosed that under GRIP, Congress is planning to complete the designs for York House that was destroyed by Hurricane Ivan in 2004, as well as for the Public Library on the Carenage and the Police Barracks on Melville Street.

He said the administration is looking to use funds from a loan already approved for Grenada by the Washington-based World Bank to do several of the GRIP projects.

He also said that while the design of these projects are being undertaken, the government will also be looking for additional funds to get them done.

Asked if the projects are totally new or were just left behind by the NNP regime, he said: “…We met (them) there but it’s just that them (NNP) men have a record of not doing anything at all – once is a World Bank project and they can’t get nothing (personally) from it, they leave it dey.”

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