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Police start investigation into Grenville murder

Kyron Tannis – was killed last night in Grenville

Police have started an investigation into the murder of 28-year old Kyron Tannis of Gladstone Road in Grenville, St. Andrew who was killed last night in the second murder on the island within 24-hours.

Tannis succumbed to chop wounds sustained in an incident near to the Kalico business premises on Gladstone Road in Grenville.

A police spokesman told THE NEW TODAY that a team of investigators are currently in the field doing an intensive investigation into the killing.

Asked what might have led to the murder, he said: “That information is still sketchy”.

The police official also stayed away from commenting on whether the killing might have been drug-related due to the fact that Grenville is known as a drug haven among youngsters.

“I cannot say that yet – I have to wait,” he said.

THE NEW TODAY understands that the police have also not been able to identify any possible suspect for questioning for the murder.

“Even that (suspect) – from since last night I haven’t got any further information this morning yet on that in terms of suspects. The men are still out in the field,” he remarked.

The chopping incident took place close to 10.00 p.m. near to Kalico and Tannis was rushed to hospital for treatment but later died there.

According to a police official, the island has seen a noticeable increase in physical confrontation among young people since the lifting of the COVID-19 curfew last week by government and a return to “open season” for consumption of alcohol.

He said the youngsters “are not behaving” themselves and engaging in “bad behaviour” in recent days due to heavy drinking of alcohol all over the island.

The Grenville killing came within 24-hours of another fatal incident in Thebaide, St. David in which 53-year old Angus Bleasdille who is known by the alias “Snackette” was stabbed to death by 42 year old Alleyne “Cabbage” Thomas.

The two who have been described by villagers as frequent visitors to the Richmond Hill prison for stealing offences, got into a physical tussle in which Bleasdille was stabbed in the jugular vein area of the neck by his assailant after an argument over a fork and spade.

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