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Police shooting in Fontenoy

A police shooting in the small village of Fontenoy in  St. George North-west sparked off unrest in the area earlier in the day.

Angry residents told THE NEW TODAY that a youth was shot while running away from a member of the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF).

One relative said that the youth was “on the block smoking a joint” and when he saw the police he decided to run away from the scene.

The relative said that his nephew was shot in the area of the shoulder by the police.

The incident sparked off protest action including the throwing of debris and garbage onto the street by villagers.

Several heavy armed police officers including members of the crack para-military Special Services Unit (SSU) were dispatched into the area to clear the road of debris such as galvanize and wood.

“I just passed in the area of the Post Office, huge police presence,” one commuter told THE NEW TODAY.

There is still a small gathering of villagers along the road side expressing anger at the action of the police.

The village is a stronghold in the St. George North-west constituency which has been controlled since 1984 by current Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell.

The police has not issued any official statement on the shooting.

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About four months ago, residents in Gouyave threw debris into the street to protest the shooting of a 24-year old popular footballer by a Corporal of Police.

A police investigation cleared the Corporal of any wrongdoing in the shooting incident

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