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Police recover stolen gun

File photo of a Glock gun that is used by several of the criminal elements in the country

Grenada Police have recovered a licensed weapon that was stolen from a senior citizen who was involved in farming for several years.

“Somebody took his firearm but we got it back,” said a well-placed source within the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF).

She told THE NEW TODAY that the man who lives at Old Fort in St George reported to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) that he left the firearm near his bed, went out for a brief period and later in the night discovered that the gun was not there.

She said a police party visited the house and soon discovered that there was no forced entry to suggest that it was a burglary.

She spoke of the homeowner who is in his 70’s being questioned and informed a team from CID that he was often visited in the house by several young girls.

“He is living alone but young girls often frequent there – you know these old men and them,” she quipped.

According to the source, the young ladies are very familiar with the house as they often will spend a few hours in the house with him.

“He said that when he left the house, they (young girls) were not there but he secured the house and went away for about two hours. When he came back, he came back with those girls and the girls went into the house as they’re accustomed to doing.”

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“When 10 o’clock the same night he saw that the gun was missing and the house was not broken into –so they (the girls) were the first suspects.”

The source said that CID officers picked up the young girls for questioning and with the assistance of the parents were able to get one of them to confess that she had taken away the weapon from the man’s bedroom.

She stated that the focus was on one of the young ladies as she gave the police two different answers about the missing gun when questioned.

The young lady broke down under interrogation and agreed to surrender the gun to the police.

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