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Police investigating Bobby Steele/Mervyn Haynes physical confrontation

Bobby Steele (l) – a police insider identified him as “the aggressive one”; Mervyn Haynes (r) – is instituting his own legal case in the matter

Grenada Police have confirmed that they are investigating an incident in which senior civil servant Mervyn Haynes was allegedly beaten by Bobby Steele, a businessman from South St George who is known to be a political activist for the main opposition New National Party (NNP) of Keith Mitchell.

“We are aware of the matter. The police have started the process of investigation,” said acting Commissioner of Police Don McKenzie when contacted by THE NEW TODAY about the incident which occurred two weeks ago.

“The investigation is not yet complete and we have not made a determination as to what will be the final outcome of that investigation. Let the investigation take its full course and we would act where the evidence leads,” he said.

The Commissioner was specifically asked to comment on reports that Haynes was treated unfairly as he was locked up in a cell for several hours while Steele was allowed to visit the South St George Police Station to make a statement and then leave the compound after about two hours.

Commissioner McKenzie said he was not aware of the initial aspect of the case but has since had an engagement with Haynes on the matter.

He spoke of the senior public officer telling him that he “was generally satisfied with how he was treated by the police in terms of the courtesy as well as the necessary assistance that was provided for him.”

A senior cop has indicated that the investigation seems to be leaning in the direction that Steele was the alleged aggressor in the incident.

He said: “I found out that Steele went ahead to report (to the station). But it was discovered after that he was the aggressive one to Haynes whom he beat up. It was also verified that there was no intent by Haynes to use his firearm against Steele.”

Haynes is known to be the holder of a licensed firearm but was attempting to strike Steele with the weapon in order to keep him at bay.

THE NEW TODAY understands that Haynes had visited an entertainment place operated by Steele called “Rumors” to ask him to low down the music as the noise was disturbing medical students of St George’s University (SGU) who were living in his apartment building in the True Blue area.

The public officer reportedly told a close friend: “I got a complaint of extremely loud noise playing at the lounge Bar Rumors, which is just 25 meters away from my apartment after having informed them of the dates the students have exams.

“I went to see the Supervisor to complain and ask them to turn down the music, which was extremely high. When I got there I saw Bobby and I asked him why every time the owner Kingsley is not there they have to play the music loud – he responded by saying he doesn’t want to hear anything, he doesn’t know me. He then proceeded to push and punch me in the face, and a tussle ensued.

“I became fearful for my life, and I pulled my licensed firearm, which was not engaged (locked), and attempted to hit him with it as I received more punches from him.

“Two of the security guards at the establishment quickly broke up the tussle. I received a busted lip, swelling on my face and forehead and trauma to my eyes to which I visited the hospital (was) examined and given a medical report.

“I subsequently made a complaint on Bobby. I was held overnight in the cell at South St. George’s and released pending further investigation. Bobby came in and gave his report on Sunday when he made comments at the station that he had given me 3 good punches, and I assaulted him. My eyes got damaged in the tussle.”

“Despite (of me) making a complaint against him, he left the station after just around two hours being there. This problem of extremely loud noise has been going on for around 8 years now and despite many complaints to the South St. George Police Station, there has been no action other than a few times when they came and asked them to turn down the music, and after the police leave the music would go right back up.”

“It’s been hell for the students who have to bear the loud noise from Sunday to Sunday, living just 25 yards from my apartment despite the legislation on the books which gives the Commissioner of Police the power to act.”

“I spent the night in the cell and wasn’t released until around 4.00 p.m, Sunday afternoon when Bobby Steele was allowed to come in and give his statement and leave after 2 hrs on Sunday.”

THE NEW TODAY understands that Haynes has contacted his attorney, Ruggles Ferguson, KC to institute civil proceedings against Steele for the assault on him and also for the physical injuries.

The top civil servant has also filed a criminal complaint with the Police Force against Steele.

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