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Police crack murder of “Wangy”

Razim Mitchell is on the left and the other person is Marcus “Slick” Johnson

Three persons were charged Saturday by the police for murder in connection with the May 12 execution of fellow gangster Von “Wangy” Cyrus, who is associated with the rival Carenage Ghetto outfit.

Two of the suspects have been identified as Marcus “Slick” Johnson and the other as 33-year old Razim Mitchell.

THE NEW TODAY is still trying to confirm the name of the third man, who is currently being held at South St George Police Station – the police post where three detainees escaped and killed two American yachtees just over two months ago.

Cyrus was gunned down as part of feuding among elements involved in the underworld of crimes on the island.

Speculation is rife in the underworld that he was lured out of his Carenage home by a female to spend time with her at a small hotel in the Grand Anse area where the assassins were tracking his movement on the fatal night.

“If is one weakness that Wangy has is women. He just loves women and will do anything to go after them,” said one underworld informant.

According to a source, he approached the man referred to as “The Carenage Don” sometime after 1:00 a.m. in the early hours of Sunday to go down in the South where he had to meet up with a female companion.

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Sources close to the police murder probe said that one of the detained men has been cooperating with the lawmen and giving them details about the killing of Cyrus.

He said that Mitchell is not denying knowledge of the execution but is not giving away the names of the gunmen.

“He (is) not denying but not saying who shoot. He admitted driving (the vehicle that transported the assassins),” he added.

All three suspects are due to appear before the St George’s Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday.

The murder accused are being held in separate locations by the police.

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