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Police close to solving weekend murder in Grenville

Kyron Tannis – the latest murder victim on the island

Police in Grenada are confident that they are closing in on the suspects involved in Saturday night’s murder of 28-year old Kyron Tannis of Gladstone Road in Grenville, St. Andrew.

A police official told THE NEW TODAY that the information being picked up points to the persons of interest belonging to possible gangs from Mt Horne and Mirabeau in the St. Andrew North-west constituency of Social Development Minister, Delma Thomas.

Tannis was found in a pool of blood from chop wounds sustained in an incident near to the Kalico business premises in Grenville -the island’s second largest city.

The injured man was rushed to hospital but died shortly afterwards.

According to the police official, a key piece of the information gathered is the getaway vehicle that was allegedly used by the suspects to flee the area after the chopping incident.

“That’s information that we’re picking up – we have not gotten anything confirmed yet because we are still looking for personnel. We are looking to identify it (the vehicle). We are looking towards identifying a vehicle and the guys are working assiduously to see if we can (come up with the vehicle),” he said.

“That’s the reason why I am saying the information that we have we are optimistic about it and at some point in time we are going to bring closure to it.

The information that we have we’re working very, very closely with it. We have some names,” he added.

According to the police official, the lawmen firmly believe at this stage of the investigation which is less than 48 hours old that “we are well on our way” to cracking the case.

He said the police have put together a list of suspects to be questioned in connection with Tannis’ murder.

“We checked some of the persons yesterday – we were able to see them and so forth and get some information that we are working on … so that is where we are”, he said, adding that a breakthrough is imminent in the murder.

“We believe that. We don’t want to pre-empt anything. For now, we’re getting some little bits and pieces of information that looking kind of optimistic for us and we are trying to work with that,” he told THE NEW TODAY.

“In my opinion, we are going to bring closure to it. I cannot tell you today or tomorrow but … some names pop up and we are on the hunt (for them). We feel confident about it,” he said.

The police official dropped hints that some of the key murder suspects on their list might now be in hiding and trying to avoid the police investigators working on the case.

“We have little suspects – people that we think (are) likely to be involved and that’s what we are looking for but we have not really apprehended them as yet. We haven’t seen them,” he said.

The police official stated that the police investigators have already checked the known place of residence of some of the main suspects in the murder and did not find them in the location.

There are some “other little things”, he said that have raised “a red flag for us” in getting at the bottom of the Tannis murder “so we want to believe that they (the suspects) are keeping low”.

Grenada has recorded 12 murders for the year so far – 4 more than around the same time in 2019.

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