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Police bullet takes a life

Decklon Jules – died from a bullet fired by a policeman

The Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) is currently investigating a shooting incident in which one of its members killed a civilian Wednesday in the northern parish of St Patrick.

The 40-year old deceased is known to some residents as Decklon Jules of Rose Hill and to others as Decklon St. Bernard.

When contacted by THE NEW TODAY on Thursday, Officer in Charge of the Community Relations Department (CRD) of the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF), Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Desmond Richards, confirmed that investigators were still in the process of verifying the identity of the individual.

ASP Richards said that the man was shot after he refused to disarm himself of a knife, which he allegedly was trying to use to attack officers attached to the Sauteurs Police Station, who were responding to a report from the Inland Revenue Department in Sauteurs, close to the end of the working day, around 4 o’clock.

According to the senior police officer, the lawmen were told that a man was “aggressively pounding on the doors of the Inland Revenue Department in Sauteurs, and in the process, they too were attacked by the man with a knife.”

He said that efforts by the police officers to get the deceased to drop the knife proved futile, and one policeman was forced to discharge his firearm to get the situation under control.

“Efforts were made to have him drop the knife but he did not and continued to go after the police and as a result, a single shot was fired… unfortunately, it had to come to that,” ASP Richards told THE NEW TODAY.

The officer was not in a position to indicate where the police bullet struck Jules.

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According to a civilian source, Jules apparently visited the Inland Revenue office to collect his monthly stipend from government in the form of relief assistance for the poor and vulnerable.

He stated that the deceased arrived late at the office, the place was closed and he became irritated and started to kick the door.

When the police arrived, Jules had already left the area and went down to the nearby Kalico supermarket where the shooting incident took place.

The source said that the police officer who pulled the trigger of the gun was trying to speak to Jules who lunged at him allegedly with a knife in the hand.

He told THE NEW TODAY that the policeman who is also from Rose Hill as the deceased, lost his step as Jules came at him and he then shot him.

The policeman who did the shooting was once attached to the Police Canteen in St George but is now stationed in Sauteurs.

There are unconfirmed reports that Jules is an ex-police officer in Grenada but was recruited to go to Antigua & Barbados to join the police force there.

It is reported that he shot someone in Antigua and later came home and was no longer himself.

“He came back mad,” said a resident in Sauteurs.

RGPF has issued the following brief statement on the shooting incident at Sauteurs.

It reads: “The Royal Grenada Police Force is confirming a police involved shooting that occurred just before 4:00 p.m. on Wednesday, 19th January 2022, at Sauteurs, St Patrick. One male succumbed to a gunshot wound. Investigations are ongoing and subsequent updates will be given”.

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