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Plot discovered with Permanent Secretaries leaking information to Opposition Leader

The Security Forces are looking into information obtained from possible recordings that a few Permanent Secretaries have been briefing former Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell on activities in the current Congress administration.

According to a well-placed source, the “evidence” about these communication has been brought to the attention of current Prime Minister Dickon Mitchell who is also the Minister with responsibility for National Security.

He told THE NEW TODAY that there is information which suggest that “one or two” Permanent Secretaries “are giving regular briefings” to Dr. Mitchell who holds the position of Opposition Leader in Parliament.

One of the suspects is said to be a PS in one of the key ministries of the government that is responsible for driving the development agenda of the country.

The source said that the former Grenadian leader is apparently getting critical information from among some Permanent Secretaries “on almost everything that the government is planning to do.”

He was hopeful that Prime Minister Dickon Mitchell will move with haste to deal with those high-ranking members of the Public Service who are giving information to the Opposition Leader.

There are reports that the 14-month old Congress government has about “five Permanent Secretaries” on the list of suspects who are “feeding information” to the ex-Prime Minister.

One government insider warned that if Prime Minister Dickon Mitchell fails to take decisive action against “the culprits” then he runs the risk of seeing his government seriously sabotaged and undermined in its second year in office.

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“The Permanent Secretaries who are leaking information to KCM will be emboldened if nothing is done with them. They will continue to do it with impunity as most of them owe their positions in the service to this man who gave them the job in the first place,” he said.

“It is left to be seen what (PM) Dickon (Mitchell) will do with the information now in his hands about a few PS’s co-operating with KCM and giving him information about the government and its activities,” he added.

THE NEW TODAY cannot confirm reports that Dr. Mitchell has been personally calling a few Permanent Secretaries who were appointed to act during his stint in government to solicit information from them about the happenings inside the Congress regime.

In recent months, Dr. Mitchell has become very active politically on the ground and often makes statements that if the NNP did the groundwork that it failed to do in the build up to the 2022 general election that it lost to Congress then the party will soon be back in office.

The NNP political leader has been the most successful political figure in the country having won three general elections in 1999, 2013 and 2018 with clean sweep at the polls.

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