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Peter David pays tribute to fallen gangster

MP Peter David – delivered a sterling tribute

An emotional tribute delivered at the funeral of Von “Wangy” Cyrus called for an end to the cycle of violence that has recently gripped the nation and claimed the life of the well-known local figure.

Honourable Peter David, Member of Parliament for the Town of St. George, gave the moving eulogy on Friday, reflecting on his lifelong friendship with Cyrus’ family and the duality of Wangy’s life – a young man who could be kind and generous yet was plagued by rebellious tendencies.

“Like all of us, Wangy had good angels and not so good angels,” David said to the mourners. “Yes, he was flawed, but despite his propensity to be rebellious, Wangy was, at his core, a good kid. And that is why there are so many of you here today.”

David lamented the prevailing violent climate in Grenada that made Cyrus’ death one of its tragic outcomes.

He implored those present, especially the nation’s youth to “cease the violence” and come together to restore peace.

“Working class people’s children must stop killing working class people’s children. Plain talk,” David stated firmly.

“Violence leads to a dead end – literally and figuratively. In thousands of years of history, nothing has ever been solved by violence.”

The MP challenged communities across Grenada to unite, build families, and create mentorship systems to save the next generation from the same brutal fate as Cyrus.

He commended lawyers who have formed the “Ceasefire Initiative” to help quell the violence gripping the nation.

“Today is a sad day. We miss our young brother…and we pledge to not let his death go in vain,” David proclaimed, calling for Cyrus’ “blood to be the fertiliser that nourishes the soil that brings forth peace and development in our communities.”

“Wangy”, a well-known figure in the Underworld of Crimes, was gunned down in the notorious Saigon area in the south of the island on May 12 by four armed assassins in what appears to be gang violence involving the Carenage/4-Roads Alliance vs the South.

Police have charged Razim Mitchell and Marcus “Slick” Johnson for the murder and are said to be interested in a Vincentian national for questioning in connection with the killing.

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